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Tile Design Tips

Tile flooring is possibly one of the oldest forms of flooring in the modern age. It has been in style since the 50s and it is unlikely to be going anywhere. Many rooms require tiling of different types and styles depending on what the different demands are of it. Some tiling is designed for function, some for fashion, and some for both. What you choose is dependent entirely on the aesthetic of the room as well as the different rigors it is going to encounter.

There are two rooms in a house which are particularly reliant on tiles to give them form and fashion: the bathroom and the kitchen. Rarely will you encounter tile in a bedroom or living room, which dominantly utilize hardwood or carpeting to satisfy their flooring needs. So when it comes to picking the right tile for your bathroom or kitchen, you need to keep in mind the different demands of both rooms.

The Bathroom

When you want to install new tiling in the bathroom, the first thing you always need to ask is: Is it waterproof? This may seem like common sense, but there are certain types of tile which do not do well in watery situations. Tiles which rely on grout and feature grooves between each one, like ceramic tile, would be fairly inefficient as the moisture will gradually wear down the grout and cause the tiles to loosen. For this reason, you will want a tile which is fairly seamless and strong. Stone tiles are an excellent option, in this case, and also give your bathroom a very natural look to it.

The Kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, you have a bit more options. The style of tile should be consistent with your cabinetry as well as appliances. Wood imitation tiles, in this case, would be superb choices as cabinetry is dominantly composed of wood. Be sure you get a color and grain which matches those of your cabinets.

Don't Forget About the Mosaic. Another popular option for kitchen tiling is the mosaic floor. This type of tile is far more expensive, but also provides a striking centerpiece for your kitchen around which colors can be based. While it would unreasonable to expect you to get a custom mosaic floor, many flooring specialists come with pre-packaged designs that you can browse. This should give you widest selection in colors and patterns to help you give your kitchen that design spark you need.

Ask for Help

While it is possible to install your own tiles, hiring a contractor will make the job much easier. Installing tile is tedious work, requiring precise measurements so that each tile is consistent from one square to the next. Don't put yourself through that trouble. Let others do it for you so you can enjoy your flooring to the greatest extent.

Trends in tile use within the home have evolved from purely functional to highly decorative. This is mainly the result of the development of high-impact tile designs, new innovative material compositions, and surface finishes that have helped redefine the role that tile plays within the home in recent years. Although still considered a top choice for high moisture areas, today's newly transformed options make tiles suitable for a variety of other uses, too. No longer humble and understated, modern day tiling designs include timber, tactile finishes, and sophisticated mosaic-designs that add a touch of glamour to the room. 3D tiles reflect light for a softened surface effect and is the upcoming 'thing' for walls, as are stone-mimicking tile floors. Tiles that look amazingly like wooden floor planks have opened the door for 'wood floor' use in wet areas of the home previously considered off-limits. View the Tiling Photo Gallery below to gain inspiration for your own tiling project.

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