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Basement renovation
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Basement renovation
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Wine cellar
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Wine requires very special conditions in order to maintain its look, color, and flavor as well as maintain the condition of the cork, which is quite possibly the most essential piece of the bottle. A wine cellar should satisfy all these conditions so that you and your guests can enjoy a nice bottle of chardonnay at dinner.

Keep It Cool. The first thing you must know is that wine has to be kept cool as heat makes the wine age faster. Each winery has very specific guidelines as to how long wine should be kept before it is bottled and sent to a shop for sale. To keep a bottle in warm environments alters their specifications and could ruin the taste of the wine as well cause the cork to dry out. Wine enthusiasts state that you should keep your bottles as close as possible to fifty-five degrees in order to maintain the flavor for the longest period of time and a cellar can satisfy that requirement.

Keep It in the Dark. There is a reason many wine bottles are opaque. It is because UV rays harm the taste. Not only do they heat up the liquid, but the radiation overpowers the fermented grapes, altering how they act. So it is also important that wine is kept in a dark place where the sun cannot get to it. A wine cellar (as the name implies) keeps the bottles in the dark where there are no windows for sunlight to peek into.

Do You Need a Basement?

Wine cellars are the perfect place to keep your wine collection healthy and tasting great. But the best part is that you don't need a basement to have one. All you really need is a small area near the center of the house outfitted with a wine rack (this piece is quite important, as wine bottles should be kept on their side in order to keep the cork from drying out) and no light bulb. It should be close to the kitchen so you can access it anytime and also utilize special insulation in order to keep the room dry and cool.

Get Some Help

Hiring a contractor is the best way to put in your wine cellar. They can work with your current floor plan so you don't have to make a huge impact on the design. A good contractor will also be familiar with the right materials and insulation to use so your wine can stay happy enough for satisfying drinking.

For people all over the world, wine tasting and collecting is more than just a hobby. It's a pastime. It allows you to bring culture and refinement to your life as well as those around you. If you have a wine collection or you want to start one, how you store it is pivotal to maintaining the taste over time. If this is the case, then you may want to consider putting in a wine cellar. Wine cellars are more than just basements. They require care and precision which only a contractor will know. Here are some reasons you will want to put in a wine cellar if you are a wine enthusiast.

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