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Interior Applications

Lighting. One of the most popular trends you find with wrought iron from an interior perspective is in lighting fixtures. Many homes nowadays are trading out their "gold" plated chandeliers with wrought iron fixtures for entry halls and living rooms. Wrought iron typically touts a wider variety of designs and it doesn't reflect light as badly as the metallic fixtures do due to darker coloration. While the material may be heavier—meaning that you need to get a qualified contractor in to hang it—it does lend a certain Old World charm to your foyer.

Furniture. The next most popular method in which wrought iron has been used is in the furniture. Many furniture designs now tout wrought iron to give the same sense of timelessness that their lighting fixture counterparts do. Chairs are the most common ways wrought iron has been used; for this reason, dining rooms and breakfast/tea areas are the most commons rooms you will find this style of furniture. Wrought iron is also popular for beds as a headrest, though the patterns are more floral in arrangement than many classic hardwood beds. The only room you should avoid wrought iron, however, is the bathroom, as iron has a tendency to rust over time from the moisture unless it's specially treated, presenting a messy (and eventually dangerous) predicament for its users.

Exterior Applications

When you get outside, wrought iron becomes a bit more prevalent. Patio furniture is often constructed with wrought iron—when you have a roofed patio, this makes this type of furniture most ideal for the outside. But wrought iron can serve a far more profound purpose than just for sitting in: it can also serve as a fashionable means to keep your home and family safe.

Security. Iron has been used for hundreds of years predominantly as a means of security. Due to its durability and versatility, wrought iron is the simplest material to fashion into spikes such as you find around European church yards and cemeteries. If your home has the right kind of facade (like the Addams Family, maybe?), wrought iron can be a perfect complement for a front fence. Gates and storm doors are also quite popular for wrought iron.

Wrought iron can be bought virtually anywhere in all kinds of different patterns and designs. Whether you are looking for Old World charm or New World security, there is almost nothing you can't do with this durable and timeless material.

If you want to establish a sense of timelessness to your home, wrought iron is the way to go. For a long time out of style with many homes, iron has started to make resurgence as more people seek a more rustic aesthetic to their dream home. Wrought iron has a vast array of applications which anybody with design taste would be anxious to take advantage of.

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