"If I had my life to live over again, I'd be a plumber"; thus expressed Albert Einstein, when realizing the importance of plumbing to a modern world. Unless we are upgrading a kitchen or a bathroom we rarely put any attention on our need for plumbing until we have a leak; or, until we decide to replace our plumbing.

Some work projects like plumbing should be left up to a professional company or licensed individual. Plumbing can be a complex trade involving many names of parts and different lengths of tubes and pipes, all interconnected by a network of pipes running to various parts of the home; to the basement, laundry room, bathrooms, and kitchens. They carry hot and cold water, as well as dirty water and sewage. This waste, according to the building code must also be vented by a separate pipe running vertical, way up through the house and ending up as a pipe with a flange on your roof.

Small jobs are OK for a DIY'er like replacing a faucet, a valve, or an existing toilet or sink. Using the existing plumbing connections to tie into, makes these kinds of repairs easy to do without the necessary tools and torch of a plumber. Small disposable canisters of propane are available to use to solder pipes and their fittings together. All the necessary supplies for these types of repair jobs are easily available from your local hardware store; including, some things to keep in mind as you solder.

As the plumbing experts will agree, the number one problem from plumbing repairs is not poor plumbing that causes leaks; it is fires caused by non-plumbers trying to solder in tight and hard to reach places; easily an errant flame can create an ember on a wood stud, causing it to slowly continue to burn, unnoticed and unseen, until it's too late! "That's exactly how some fires get started", says one retired Fire Marshal.

Fortunately, for modern plumbers and DIY'er's, they now manufacture plumbing pipes, fittings, and easy to assemble connections that eliminate the need in most cases to use a torch; while still being able to firmly and securely connect all the pipes, pieces, and fittings together. No fire danger or damage to worry about, and without any leaks!

Despite these modern marvels of plumbing science, it is best advised that you contact a professional plumber to do any plumbing work on your home; plumbing is an essential service that we absolutely cannot do without; by hiring a professional, you're assuring that the needed work gets done in a timely and problem free manner!

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