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What should I expect from a plumber?

Plumbers aren't just in the business of fixing leaky faucets. They have a wide skill set that can be applied to several renovation projects including plumbing system installation and repairs.

If the plumber needs to fix a pipe connection or install new plumbing fixtures, then the homeowner should expect them to cut open the drywall to access the utilities. The plumber may need to solder pipes or connect plastic pipes together.

Homeowners who wish to install radiant flooring may be surprised to learn that a plumber could be necessary for the job. Plumbers play a key role in installing the boiler system for the flooring.

How much does an plumber cost?

Service calls are usually charged by an hourly rate. Plumbers can be hired as sub-contractors for a specific renovation project as well. In this case the plumber may charge a flat rate instead.

If a plumber discovers additional problems during the service call that they need to fix, they may charge them as additional projects. These projects may be billed according to the hourly rate as well.

  • Service calls: $50 - $100/hour
  • Install a toilet: up to $300
  • Install a sink: up to $200
  • Install a bathtub: up to $600
  • Unclogging and pipe inspection services: up to $150
  • Rough-in plumbing (pipe system installation) for 3-piece bathroom: up to $2,000+

Is this a DIY project?

Nearly every province in Canada requires that plumbers have their trade license to practice. TrustedPros highly recommends homeowners to hire licensed plumbers instead of DIY-ing any plumbing work.

Additional tips

Make sure to hire a licensed plumber for your project. Familiarize yourself with local experts as soon as you can. This will help you in the event of a surprise plumbing issue. Always ask your plumber if their tools and materials are included in the price of the job. Cheaper companies may tack these prices on at the end to make their services appear more attractive.

Those who are calling a plumber to fix a bad leak should also call a water damage specialist as well.

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