Power Washing

Sandblasting and power washing are extremely powerful processes that use either water, sand or some other particles to remove substances from buildings and surfaces. They should only be done by professional contractors who have experience in this field and understand the dangers and the necessary precautions to take in order to protect themselves and others.

People are always surprised to see the results a good pressure washer makes to their home. Daily buildup of grime and road dust goes unnoticed until it is instantly gone. But the removal of dirt is not the only reason for having your home power washed. You'd be surprised what a professional can do to save you time, money and a lot of work.

  • Many people find that the chore of painting trim or siding around their homes is made much simpler when it's been power washed first. Not only will a wash remove dirt which hinders paint from adhering well, it can save all or at least most of the back breaking chore of scraping the old paint off.
  • Mold can be troublesome for a lot of homeowners. On siding where the sun is blocked, on the north side of a home in damper areas, mold will often build up on siding creating an unsightly mess. Power wash professionals know the right solutions and mixes to remove the mold before it has a chance to creep into your walls.
  • Realize that there are hot water and cold water pressure washers. Hot water washers are used most for stained surfaces. They are good at removing oil and grime from sidewalks or garage floors. Cold water pressure washers are used mostly for cleaning siding, porches, and patios. If proper soaps are used, they are good at cleaning vinyl, stucco, or aluminum. Let anyone coming to look at your job know what you want to have washed.
  • Don't forget what a good wash can do for the presentation of your home when you ever place it on the market. It is one more thing you can have done to improve curb appeal.

Although it is possible and affordable to purchase you own power washer, make sure to evaluate the cost of a service as well. Often times homeowners can save money by having a pressure or power washing service come by periodically to clean the concrete surfaces, patios, and even home siding. You can even have your car washed with a pressure washer but make sure the pressure isn't turned up to high or it will take off the paint on your car!

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