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What is involved in a roof replacement or renovation?

The type of roof project that you need depends on the condition that your roof is in. An expert will tell you if the top-layer shingles must be refurbished; if the flashing, soffits, or eaves must be replaced; or if the timbers must be redone. You should mention any ceiling leaks that you have discovered when you meet with the contractor.

You should always expect surprises when it comes to a roof renovation. It's hard to tell how much work needs to be done before your contractor hops up top to start the project.

How much does the project cost?

Roofing project prices are influenced by roof height, area, number of slopes, pitch height, roof shape, dormers, vents and skylights. Simpler and smaller roofs tend to be less expensive projects. More complex roofs tend to be more expensive projects.

Other factors that add to the price of the project include materials, project scope (how much needs to be done), material application, material removal and waste disposal, and location. Expect to pay more for slate shingles, followed by wood, clay, metal. The most economical roof material is asphalt.

Price for roof project (timbers are in good condition, shingles and flashing need replacing):

  • Shallow slope: $2.50/ft2
  • Medium slope: $3.50/ft2
  • Pitched slope: $5.20/ft2

*Price projections are rough and do not include complex roof features (dormers, multiple valleys, rotting timbers, etc.)
Homeowners should put aside about 10 – 20% of the project cost for a contingency fund. Mistakes and errors happen!

Is this a DIY project?

An experienced DIY-er could refinish their own roof, but we strongly advise against it. If you're not used to working on sloped and pitched surfaces, then it's best to leave this labour-intensive job to the pros. It's easy to lose control and fall while working on this challenging project.

Additional tips

Make sure your roofing contractors have valid Workers' Compensation Insurance (WCI), and are in good standing with your provincial WSIB. Find out about your provincial workers' insurance standards before hiring a pro.

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