Snow Removal

Most homes have added outdoor spaces that need maintaining during and after a heavy snowfall: the porch, steps, and side of the house walkways, front walk, and driveway. Snow and ice can easily accumulate in these areas requiring regular maintenance and removal. The homeowner can contract out this snow removal from a reputable company than can be committed to your property during snowfalls; usually they come out if the accumulation is more than 3-4 centimetres, or if the snow doesn't melt and turns to slippery and freezing ice.

It is important to know what you are exactly getting in terms of service; and this should be specified in writing beforehand. Homeowners would agree that dealing with an established company, that has their own trucks and snow removal equipment, is your best choice. Sensitive ‘do not disturb' areas should be mentioned and included in writing, as well as those areas to be removed and de-iced.

Crushed stone driveways, cracking concrete walkways, or uplifting interlocking brick, can all play havoc on the blades and shovels of the snow removing equipment and should be inspected and discussed as per the contract. Patio stones or flagstones can also get easily damaged with heavy equipment or a careless shoveler pounding the stones with an ice breaker.

According to most jurisdictions across the country, steps, landings, walks, driveways, parking spaces, ramps must be cleared of snow and ice within 24-48 hours; in order to provide safe accesways for people and vehicles. In most provinces, a landlord is additionally responsible to prevent roofs and roof structures from the over accumulation of snow and ice, that can present a danger to passersby.

For senior citizens and disabled homeowners, most cities offer free snow removal for the front walkways and porch step areas of their homes; all that's required is the filling out of a simple application, showing proof of age, 65 and over, and proof of disability. Please keep in mind that each city of each province has different policies regarding snow removal within their separate districts. For the sake of your own ‘snow removal' concerns and benefits, please contact your city or district Works office for more information.

Our environment is getting more polluted with each passing day. Please understand that we don't have to use so much salt and chemicals on our roadways, streets and homes. Other alternatives exist to replace the salt we continue to pile on our streets and roadways. Plain sand is just one example. It is much cheaper, while being far less destructive to our environment!

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