Solar Energy

If you and your family are looking to take an additional step towards helping your own home become more energy efficient, solar gives you options.

  • Solar panels are growing increasingly popular with homeowners, and are one of the most efficient ways of using the sun to power your house or hot water. By using a numerous solar panels connected together, you can capture the suns energy and use it to create electricity. Since the panels capture the sun you don't have to worry about not having electricity on a cloudy day, because you'll then use the energy stored. The more panels you have, the more electricity that can be supplied.
  • Solar water heating is specifically for water heating usage and doesn't require as much space as solar panels. Thermal heat from the sun is trapped using the “greenhouse” effect to transmit the heat to the fluid, usually consisting of water.

These are just a few prime examples of energy efficient strategies used by homeowners. To find out more, click here.

Having solar energy efficient equipment installed can be a tricky job and often requires considerable skill. Because of this, it is crucial to hire a contractor to assure proper installation. By using TrustedPros, you will be able to find the right individual you can trust. Simply read through contractors listed on our site and select a few that seem to match your desires for solar energy; electricity or hot water, for example. Call a few and get quotes, ask questions and in general see if this is someone you'd like coming to your home for a few days. An alternative method for securing a contractor is to post your job here on TrustedPros. List your location, what you hope to gain through solar energy, and several contractors will contact you. Use the same careful bid process when selecting the right company for the job.

Investigating and installing solar power for your home is a good investment. But don't forget, energy efficiency is also important, even with your own power source. For more tips on making your home more energy efficient, click here.

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