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Every home needs a great place to relax and grow plants to the ceiling; a solarium or sunroom is that perfect add-on; a room specifically built for the purpose of enjoying sunlight, usually with large windows or glass block walls! These days, they're even calling them family rooms. So, make your need for space a fun place to be.

Sunrooms can be at the front, back, side, or even inside a home, within a room, yet having an obstructed view and facing the sun. If you are adding to or considering drastically changing an internal space within your home, so as to expand it into a solarium, you will more than likely require a plan and permit for this construction.  Know what you are getting into in terms of what walls, doors, and windows will be removed and replaced. If outer area of sunroom will be made of glass or windows; what kind of glass and with what kind of safety features?

Most window and door manufacturers these days can easily customize the doors' glass and windows' glass to contain energy efficient properties; some, even by combining various gases like, xenon, argon and krypton. And then, there are some other features of the glass one should consider. Some glass comes with a UV protection, a small invisible film to the naked eye that allows for the sunlight to come in; but, it prevents the Ultra Violet radiation into your home, and unto your skin! Your plants will also love to thrive in this new environment.

There are many benefits to considering a good quality glass and window to lowering your energy costs; the right window can control condensation, before it happens; reduce the fabric within this room from fading and sun bleaching, which is a common problem in most sun facing homes; as indicated earlier, your plants will flourish; and, you will be able to enjoy your room year round in total comfort while being safe from the harmful UV rays!

Most solariums are designed from basic 2x4 or 2x6 construction as a support structure for the doors, windows and glass; these sunrooms can also be customized to expose some nice quality woods, for both the interior and exterior walls. Cedar is usually the most recommended material as it can be as-is, or it can be sealed and stained with a wide range of stains to match your homes design and materials.

Some manufacturers swear by Western red Cedar, as it comes in many natural colours and hues, everything from rich amber to a deep honey brown, will give you a look that requires no staining or sealing, this is a seriously durable and long lasting wood! Other features that make this wood an exceptional choice, are it's insulating properties, its ability to prevent moisture, and mildew; including, its amazing ability to withstand twisting, shrinking and creaking through-out the seasons.

Choose a reputable contractor who has done many different types of installations to various kinds of homes. Please keep in mind, every home is unique and requires a special touch. Find the contractor and or company that will give you what your family needs the most.

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