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What should I expect from my solarium project?

A solarium project may seem like a simple endeavour, but it could involve as much planning and work as a home addition! The effort and money is well worth it. A solarium can increase the livable space of your home, and be a lot of fun to spend time in. Opting for different styles will change the solarium's purpose. There are full glass and partial glass designs, and skylights and half-walls too!

Once you've selected your contractor, you should expect them to pull any necessary permits that are required for the solarium. You should also expect them to follow your provincial building code as well.

How much does it cost to build a solarium?

When you invest in your solarium, you get results. Of course, labour fees and other professional service fees will add to the project; however, you should focus on materials fees for this project. Don't cut the budget on your materials—even though they are expensive. The wrong type of glass will fog up and leave your solarium too hot or too cold throughout the year.

Homeowners should expect to pay between $30,000 - $50,000 on their solarium. Adding a basement to the solarium will add to the project.

Can I DIY a solarium project?

There are a variety of sunroom kits available on the market. However, a sunroom is not the same as a solarium. A sunroom is akin to an enclosed patio. A crafty DIYer could take on a sunroom kit. Of course, this project offers different features than a solarium does (temperature regulation, weatherproofing, electrical, foundation, etc). So, a solarium project should be left for the pros to take on.

Additional tips

Solariums are diverse, so go with a model that suits your home and local environment. Building styles include curved eave, straight eave, aluminum, wood, cathedral, and PVC.

Make sure that your contractor isn't using standard windows for your project. Your solarium should be made with milti-coated glass and a solid foundation that either matches the height of your home, or offers a basement underneath the structure.

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