Land Surveying

Land, quantity and building surveyors are responsible for doing different types of surveys that are relevant to your home. These include As-built surveys, cadastral (boundary) surveys, foundation survey, mortgage survey, plot plan or site plan surveys, and tape survey. The plot plan survey is your proposed construction project that takes into consideration what is currently on the site and how it will look in the end. The Foundation and As-built surveys survey your project at different times during the construction phase to determine that things are going according to plan.

Purchasing Property

Apart from calling on land surveyors when you want to build a new home, you may also want to call a land surveyor if you intend to buy a new home. They will be able to help you determine exactly what land you are purchasing, and what lies in your neighbours' yard, and whether you have been given accurate information or your deed is accurate.

Qualifications and Licensing

When employing a land surveyor it is important to check that they have the necessary licensing and qualifications. Licensing varies from state to state, but in the qualifications will generally be a degree in surveying or a degree in civil engineering with additional courses in surveying.

Hiring a Land Surveyor

For something as important as a new construction project you need the services of a professional land surveyor, one with experience providing reputable land surveyor services.

You can find land surveyors to assist with your construction project on the TrustedPros website. You may either search our directory for surveyors in your area or post a project to our website and let surveyors contact you. Get a number of different quotes; check on qualifications and licensing and references before deciding who you want to work with.

During the course of your construction project a number of different surveys will probably be done from marking out the boundaries of the land and giving advice on design, to ensuring that the construction follows the plan. You can find a land surveyor using TrustedPros.

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