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Things to Consider

Tiling has become the most innovative way to spruce up your home; or area within, for the least amount of money, while giving it the greatest curb appeal, a definite WOW factor! Tiles come in so many shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, textures, and materials, that it literally boggles the imagination. Tiles were originally designed to replace the expense, weight, and the difficulty in working with natural stone.

Ceramic tiles are the most versatile and light weight; interestingly enough, they can also be manufactured to resemble glass, wood, stone, and a host of other building materials. Tiles can also be made of glass, porcelain, marble, rubber, carpet, linoleum, clay, metal, plastic, fabric, wood, and the list goes on and on....

Tiles are chosen to accentuate the backsplash around a new counter top, faucet and sink installation; around a new bathroom shower enclosure; within the construction of your pool; or, on your bathroom, basement floor and wall areas; basically, you can almost put tiles anywhere, and in any area of your home; well, perhaps not the ceiling; unless of course, within your bedroom looking up from your bed, at a tiled reproduction of the Sistine Chapel.

Mosaic tiles are the most material diverse; meaning they can be made from a spate of materials, like glass, metal, wood, ceramic, etc.; and, they are extremely popular with both contractors and interior designers. These tiles have become the rage, mainly because of their material diversity and flexibility in sizes; from an inch by an inch to larger. These tiles come in multiples, stuck to a sheet, plastic or paper that adheres to your surface area with glue or a tile compound.

Tiling can be considered a DIY home project for the novice or experienced home handyperson. Yet a few words of warning are in order; please keep in mind that wall tiling can be hard on your back, repeatedly bending in the same position for hours on end. And, it can be especially hard, and regardless of your age, on your knees and back, if you are doing a big floor area with tiles. Even the experts would agree, taking on anything bigger than a small bathroom or vestibule is not recommended for those with sore backs or knees; never mind the technical know-how.

Most people do not realize that there is definitely more to tiling than just laying down some tiles; there are many other important considerations that will determine the difficulty involved, as well as the costs and time expended. The area you will tile needs to be level, or gently sloped towards a drain; and tiles can go over tiles, vinyl, linoleum and wood; but, they cannot go over carpeting. And, depending on the number of existing layers, these may have to be stripped off first to accommodate the new tiles.

All these factors should be considered before attempting this kind of home adventure on your own. Whatever your tile and space demands, there are many professional tilling companies out there that will give your home the style and look it needs, and at a price you can afford. Give them a call today.

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Hiring Trusted Professionals

Although your comfort with the product ultimately determines whether or not you need a contractor to help you, it is also important to consider the space and your schedule. If there are a number of corners or difficult surfaces, you may want to ask a professional to help. This is especially true when tiling walls, which can be challenging. Likewise, most DIY homeowners can't work as quickly as contractors that have tiling experience.

TrustedPros is the best place to find someone that has the experience you need for an affordable price. We're not a construction company. Rather, we're a place were you can look for contractors and all kinds of construction professionals to help you with your jobs. Just post your project online, and you'll get real bids from local professionals who are interested in your job. You can compare contractors by looking at their past tiling projects, price, flexibility, and more.

If you do decide to take on the tiling project by yourself, TrustedPros also has tiling articles filled with tricks and tips to help you complete the job. Tiles are a part of almost every home, and whether you want to do it yourself or hire a pro, we have you covered.

Before hiring a tiling contractor or any other service professionals we recommend reading our hiring tips.