TrustedPros Complaints Systems: For Suppliers

TrustedPros Complaints System (TCS) is a 360-degree feedback framework that collects inputs from suppliers, employees, customers, and contractors. The goal is to provide more reliable contractor ratings to homeowners and better services to all members.

This part of the TCS deals with the complaints that a supplier or vendor may have against any builder, designer, contractor other other home service provider operating in Canada.

Why Supplier Feedback is Important for Trustworthy Ratings

A contractor in financial trouble may use an upfront payment to clear previous dues (rob Peter to pay Paul), and may not be able to complete the current project. In the worst case, such a contractor may file for bankruptcy, leaving the customer with an unfinished project and money lost. That's why our industry-leading contractor rating system TrustScore takes into account supplier feedback among 15 different criteria to assign ratings that homeowners can truly trust.

Filing a Supplier Complaint Using TrustedPros Complaints System

You can register a complaint against a contractor if that contractor has defaulted on payment for loans, equipment, material, and/or services that you have supplied. Please remember that the contractor can contest you complaint, in which case you must provide documentary evidence of the contractual obligation that existed (or still exists) between your company and the contracting company listed with TrustedPros.

Currently, the system only accommodates supplier complaints pertaining to financial obligations. If you have a complaint regarding the services or work quality of a particular contractor, you can provide your feedback by writing a customer review.

TrustedPros Complaints Process for Suppliers

If a contractor has been unable to clear your overdue payment despite multiple reminders, you can use the following simple process to lodge your complaint.

  • Click here to access TrustedPros Complaints Registration Form for Suppliers
  • Please provide your correct name and contact information, as we do not entertain incognito complaints
  • Briefly describe the facts and attach all relevant documentary evidence
  • TrustedPros will perform the due diligence to confirm if the complaint is genuine
  • If valid, the complaint will be fed into the TrustScore system and will reflect in that contractor's overall TrustScore

Remedy for Contractors

If you are a contractor and you think the complaint lodged against you by a particular supplier is unjustified or invalid, you can contest the complaint according to the process described in TrustedPros Complaints Policy (available upon request).


We do not provide any arbitration services for resolving payment issues. The purpose of TrustedPros Complaints is just to calculate contractor ratings (TrustScore) that homeowners can depend on. Although we do everything possible to verify a complaint before it can affect contractor ratings, our Terms of Service indemnify TrustedPros against any legal liability arising out of the employee complaints filed through TrustedPros Complaints System.