Water Purification

If your water has a "rust" taste, has an odor, makes your skin dry, or if you're concerned about the chemicals, minerals or parasites in your tap water, you should consider a water purification system. Different filtration systems solve different problems with your water, so it is important to know what type will benefit you best.

  • In order to know which water purification system will benefit you best, detect and analyze the main problems with your water. For people who reside in urban areas, your community might have an annual quality water report. This will tell you how good your water is and will help you detect problems. For people who live in rural areas, with well water, may need to have their water privately tested to determine the containments before installing a water purifier.
  • Knowing the functions of different water purification systems will also help you decide which type is best. If your water has an excessive amount of magnesium and/or iron, oxidation systems can be used and are designed to treat your whole house. If your water has a high amount of hardness, you may want a water softener. The most common type of filtration systems is called reverse osmosis, which is usually used to take out minerals and irons.
  • Lastly, you need to find a contractor that has the experience and skill in installing water purification systems. Systems that are not installed properly could bring plumbing issues, or little to no change in your water.

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