Welding is in large part a science. In fact there are welding engineers that troubleshoot the right mix of ventilation, types of metals and different applications in large manufacturing facilities.

You probably don't need an engineer for your project, but you will need someone who understands the various types of welding. Explain your project in a post on TrustedPros. Competent welding contractors will contact you to offer quotes. The other option is to search the list of contractors we have on TrustedPros and contact them yourself. By looking at reviews and write-ups describing the contractors, you'll find more than a few who can give you bids.

TIG, MIG, ARC or stick and flux core are the most common types of welding. If you want to know the differences and how they might be used on your project, click here.

When your welding professional shows up and if you are going to be around, there are a couple of safety tips you need to know even though you won't be doing the actual welding. Firstly, never look directly into the arc. It is strong enough to blind you. Secondly, always make sure there is adequate ventilation. Welding gives off gases that can overcome you. Finally, wear old, long sleeved and long legged clothing. Flying sparks are extremely hot and burn the skin. At the same time make sure flammables are out of the area.

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