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Reach a Target Market at TrustedPros

Canadian homeowners spend over 40 billion dollars in alterations for home improvement and home repairs alone each year. Along with the billions of dollars up for grabs, the construction industry is fierce competition to win available project contracts being offered. Almost every successful builder, renovation contractor and general handyman spends hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year in advertising; through newspaper and yellow page advertisements. Advertising mediums designed to reach the masses, not target a specific market.

Getting More for Your Advertising Dollar

Skilled service professionals are relying more and more on the 24-hour, high visibility platform of the Internet for advertising and lead generation purposes. Many have discovered the innovative approach of TrustedPros to reach a specifically targeted market with their services.

TrustedPros matches new construction and renovation project owners with service providers in their area who offer the type skills and services they require. Besides being granted access to countless project postings online through our lead generation system, premium members also receive priority listing in our popular contractor directory.

TrustePros receives thousands of visitors each day – most of these visitors use our popular contractor directory to find local service professionals like you for their home improvements. The profile you created is now accessible to consumers using our directory however, it’s likely ranking below most of your competitors. Becoming a Premium Member will increase your ranking your exposure through the TrustedPros network.

You’re not obligated to upgrade your account but there are many benefits to becoming a Premium Member such as:

  • Priority ranking in our directory – by upgrading your account it will automatically move your listing above all your competitors currently using our free service. By combining our Premium Membership with your customer reviews you'll help secure your place near the top of all your competitors.
  • You’ll also have access to all leads posted in your area. TrustedPros is not just a contractor directory but also a site used by homeowners to post and manage their projects. Leads are generated by consumers that don’t want to spend time calling or emailing several contractors. Instead, they post their project which is sent to contractors serving their area, and that specialize in the services being requested. You are not obligated to respond to a job posting and can pick and choose if and when you want to respond.
  • Your premium membership will also allow you to include your company logo, a cover picture, photo gallery and videos showcasing your work. You’ll also be able to add a link to your company website and any social media pages you currently have available.

Countless contractors are re-directing their advertising dollars to benefit from the effective, profitable means to target their specific markets using our Premium Membership!

Take Fardid Biglar of BiglarKinyan Design Partnership Inc., for instance. Who statesCompared to traditional means of advertising, TrustedPros is a sure and economical way to succeed.”

Bryan, of Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc. and TV host says “Since we listed with TrustedPros, we've signed contracts on over $400,000 worth of work in only 4 months - that's a pretty good return on our advertising dollars, and is unsurpassed by any other advertising that we've done so far. In fact, as we've built such a network of referrals from the business we've received via your site, we no longer advertise anywhere else!”

Read more testimonials from our contractor members here.

If you are a licensed plumber, electrician, a building or renovation contractor or just about any type of design, service and construction professional; TrustedPros can help your business flourish.

TrustedPros Wants You!

Premium Membership costs less than a cup of coffee a day, and includes: a detailed Company Profile page, a link to your company web site, and a Portfolio Page. Complete with a photo gallery, to add pictures of your best projects and work staff. You maintain complete access to your Portfolio, and can update it at any time.

Premium Members receive full access to our easy-to-use tools; our Search for Leads feature puts you in control, and enhances lead potential. Also receive automatically generated, quick alert e-mail notification of each new lead posted in your service area. Giving you the edge you need to respond to new job postings promptly.

Upgrade your membership today. Why risk letting another terrific new project slip by?

TrustedPros VS. Other Forms of Marketing

TrustedPros brings you greater return for less money compared to other forms of advertising. If you advertise in the Newspaper, Yellow Pages, or Direct Mail, please consider...

Other lead generation or marketing websites follow a "Pay Per Lead" format or charges thousands of dollars per year while restricting you one or two categories and locations.

Yellow page and print advertising requires large spending with no guarantee of results as well as calls from unqualified prospects that eat up your time. TrustedPros provides qualified targeted leads from homeowners and business owners looking for the work you specialize in.

Direct mail has a typical response rate of less than 1%. Why spend a fortune on direct mail with limited results?

With TrustedPros, you only pay a minimal membership fee to receive unlimited targeted leads from homeowners, business owners and other contractors whose projects match the type of work you do within your service areas. It's that simple, it's that easy!

Compare your Options 1 Month Cost 1 Year Cost
 Newspapers Ads  $900.00+  $10,800.00+
 YellowPages  $400.00+  $4800.00+
 Other Lead / Marketing Websites  $200.00+  $2400.00+
 TrustedPros  $49 - $89  $449 - $799

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