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Whether you're choosing a cover or blind for a small window or a sliding glass door, you have many options. For some window treatment ideas, click here.

  • Curtains are one of the most common types of window coverings and usually are held up with a curtain rod. These rods assure easy mobility when opening or closing the curtains. Use stylish tiebacks to hold the curtains open to let in natural sunlight, or add different types of embellishments for further design.
  • Blinds add a certain sophisticated, neat look and are usually placed in rooms where less natural light is wanted. They are a series of wood or plastic slates that are grouped together with a drawstring to open or close them. They can be vertical or horizontal, and come in many different styles.
  • Shades are mostly used to keep light out, rather than add style and design. They are cut into a size that will fit your window, and come in a thick fabric to block the light. You pull them down when you don't want any natural light coming in, and easily roll them back up when you do.
  • Shears are just like curtains, except they are just for style or diffusing light. They don't keep light out too well since they are made out of a very thin material. They are most commonly used for kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, or any other room where sunlight is desired along with softness.

These are just some examples of different window treatment types. To find more simply click here.

Without window coverings or blinds, your home looks bare and naked. They either make or break how a home looks and feels. But installing them can be tricky and a tedious job getting the perfect shade size for that awkward sized window is hard to measure and harder to install. Even with the greatest of installation abilities you may want to find a professional who can help you sort through the mountains of possibilities and styles.

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