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The wonderful world of windows brings a view to the outdoors; with a great way to let the fresh air and rays of sunshine into your home, all the while, giving your home a look of distinction. Windows are as diverse as doors; and, can be fabricated from a host of traditional materials; as well as, being manufactured with some amazing high-tech energy and cost saving features built right into the glass, by way of thin naked to the eye layers of plastic; including, sealed-in gases.

Most windows come framed in a stiff material; wood, steel, plastic, aluminum, vinyl, or a combination of these materials. Metal framed windows are manufactured to match homes that are clad in metal, specifically aluminum siding; therefore, the metal frame is made from aluminum. Which gets very cold in the winter and transfers this cold to the inside of your window area, as it is probably also made from aluminum, like the outside frame. Wooden and vinyl framed windows conduct less heat and cold through to the inside of your homes' window areas.

Windows are measured to fit into an existing frame, to replace an existing window; or, inside a rough wood opening for new home construction. The size of the measured new window is about a 1/2 inch less for the length and width of your framed-in opening measurements; please note, you have no room to play with tight measurements, because the building materials need room for contraction and expansion; making this installed window possibly too tight, and the glass capable of cracking. These small half inch spaces are usually fitted with shims to level and center the window; and the spaces are then filled with foam insulation, fibreglass, or special caulking, creating a weather-tight seal. Caulking is also used for the inside seal and finish.

Designers and homeowners alike have called for more colors, designs, shapes and sizes, and for these new modern windows to be built with some amazing time, energy and cost saving features; like a specially hinged window frame that allows the window to be tilted and cleaned from the inside. Additionally, within the glass itself are layers of UV protection designed to let the light in, while keeping the heat or the harmful UV rays out. This type of window is great for indoor areas where furnishings are near a window; because they can no longer become sun stained or bleached because of the sunlight.

Choose a window with the best features based on your own preferences and needs. It is best to deal with a professionally qualified window and door installer as they have the best experience to help you select the right window for your homes energy saving needs; as well as, to install it properly, insuring that no condensation will form on the inside of the window, within just a months of its installation. Make sure your contract includes a warranty from the manufacturer of the windows, including, the labor warranty of the installer; both in writing, as to the length of time this window and it's installation will be free of problems or concerns.

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