License Requirements

Saskatchewan Contractor License Requirements

Infographic of home renovation trade qualifications for Saskatchewan

The regulating body that certifies and monitors Gasfitters and Electricians in Saskatchewan is the Ministry of Government relations – formerly Gas and Lighting. All other trades are overseen by the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission (SATCC).

Education and Certification

A tradesperson must either start as an apprentice, or start by passing a challenge exam. An apprentice learns the tricks of the trade through foundational training in-field and in-class. They work with an employer who will register them with the SATCC. Onwards, the apprentice must complete sufficient working hours and in-class training before finishing their apprenticeship with a final exam. If the apprentice passes their final exams, they earn their Journeyperson Certification. The Journeyperson Certification makes them a qualified Journeyperson to work in their trade within Saskatchewan.

A Journeyperson Certification is recognized by employers across Canada. Additionally, some employers require their employees to have a Journeyperson Certification. A Journeyperson may earn more money working in their trade.

In Saskatchewan, construction electricians, plumbers, sheet metal workers, and refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics must complete and apprenticeship to obtain the Journeyperson certificate (this cannot happen through the challenge exam/tradesperson route).

The tradesperson route allows an individual who has extensive skill and experience (without Canadian qualifications) to get the appropriate certification in their field. They can take a challenge exam to bypass an apprenticeship program if they have sufficient experience and skill in the trade, and have met the required hours for an apprenticeship in their work experience.

Journeypersons can also qualify for a Red Seal in their trade (if applicable). This certification allows workers to work across Canada. An individual must complete a standard examination to receive the certificate. It shows esteemed skill and excellence in a given trade.

Compulsory Trades

Construction Electrician

Construction Electricians must have their C of Q, Journeyperson Certificate, or be a certified apprentice in order to work in the field.  They are also required to have additional mandatory electrical licenses under the Electrical Inspection Act. Licences are administered by SaskPower.

Refrigeration Mechanic

Refrigeration Mechanics and Air Conditioning Mechanics must have their C of Q, Journeyperson Certificate, or be a certified apprentice in order to work in the field. These specialists can maintain and repair commercial and residential primary and secondary systems.


Plumbers must have their C of Q, Journeyperson Certificate, or be a certified apprentice in order to work in the field. In addition, plumbers can also qualify for a Gas Fitting license for further field work. Gas Fitting is a licensed trade, however, it is not considered a designated trade in itself within the province. Instead, it is part of the Plumbing (and/or steam fitting/ pipe fitting trade). Gas Fitters are examined by the Ministry of Government Relations, and licensing is co-ordinated on behalf of Gas and Electrical Licensing within the Ministry. Licenses are for domestic, general, and propane domestic subclasses.

A plumber must have a Gas Fitter certification in order to install bathroom and kitchen gas facilities. Licensing programs for gas fitters apply to contractors, employers, and individuals who work on gas installation services and perform work for public and private premises. One can obtain a license issued by the Gas and Electrical Licensing Branch, examined under the Saskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission.


It is advised that you contact your municipality regarding permit regulations. Permit regulations are usually controlled under municipal bylaws.

Electrical permits are required for home and farm owners, or contractors who plan on doing electrical work. Any electrical installation work requires an electrical permit. Electrical contractors should give you a copy of the permit before they begin work for you.

Gas permits are required for any gas work done. Licensed Saskatchewan contractors are the only people who can apply for the permits necessary to do gas work.

Building permits are required before the start of construction for most projects dealing with demolition, construction, additions, relocations, structural changes, decks, roof enclosures, basement development, garages, pools, and more. A building permit is required for plumbing system constructions, changes, and repairs. Homeowners can obtain building permits.

Changes to Licensing Requirements

Because licensing requirements change, it is important that you check with both your provincial and municipal office to verify if any updates have been made, or if additional licenses or permits are required.

If you understand that there are additional or updated licensing requirements, or restrictions or laws pertaining to skilled trades performed in Saskatchewan, feel free to comment in the forum below.

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