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rating 5 from 5 reviews 647-889-5373 View Profile

Recent Review: “Aaron had excellent ideas and suggestions for renovating my small bathroom - very professional, kept in touch throughout, explained the work a... more

Liz from toronto on Jul 24, 2014

RJ Renovations is one of TrustedPros top rated Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Toronto
rating 5 from 2 reviews 416-420-0205 View Profile

Recent Review: “We found Up Front Renovations Inc. through and hired them to renovate our basement in May 2009. The job involved demolition,... more

Kate from north york on Feb 16, 2011

Up Front Renovations Inc. is one of TrustedPros top rated Basement Renovation Contractors in Toronto
rating 5 from 2 reviews 416-727-5676 View Profile

Description: Kitchen is the most visited place in your home. Artall R.M. will make sure you feel wonderful every time you walk in. We will help you in design, and choice of right materials. We will be with you... more

Artall R.M. is one of TrustedPros top rated Kitchen Renovation Contractors in Toronto
rating 4.8 from 1 review 705-716-5989 View Profile

Recent Review: “We would highly recommend dealing with this company! Phil and his crew went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with the finished pro... more

Jonty from mississauga on Oct 19, 2014

Onallfloorz is one of TrustedPros top rated Floor Laying Contractors in Toronto
rating 4.8 from 61 reviews 416-550-8474 View Profile

Recent Review: “Michael Parkes demonstrated acceptional work ethics and great time management. My home was fully completed to my expectations and within my budget. MT... more

Lavern from brampton on Feb 7, 2015

MTP Construction Group Inc. is one of TrustedPros top rated General Contractors in Toronto
rating 5 from 10 reviews 416-858-8821 View Profile

Recent Review: “I recently (February 2013) had Stephane and his team complete a small project in a rental property of mine. It included the replacement and r... more

Edward from mississauga on Feb 19, 2013

Stern Construction is one of TrustedPros top rated Plumbers in Toronto
rating 5 from 6 reviews 416-888-4302 View Profile

Recent Review: “I contacted Aseel in Feb 2015, having gone through pages of electricians on the web and them telling me either the job would cost $175/hr ... more

Jason from toronto on Feb 20, 2015

Ison Electric is one of TrustedPros top rated Electricians in Toronto
rating 5 from 21 reviews 416-939-0036 View Profile

Recent Review: “Mike and his team removed, and installed 13 windows in one day! One of the 13 windows was an eight foot bow window! Truly top shelf from s... more

Geoffrey from stratford on Apr 5, 2014

Bravo Windows and Doors is one of TrustedPros top rated Windows & Doors Companies in Toronto
rating 4.8 from 1 review 416-660-5357 View Profile

Recent Review: “Valuable and visible work ethic. Skilled in several essential trades. Polite, professional, and energetic approach to the task bank. Project c... more

Paul from toronto on Nov 1, 2014

Dynamic Home Improvements is one of TrustedPros top rated Handyman Services in Toronto
rating 5 from 1 review 647-289-4107 View Profile

Description: At PortGate Inc., we constantly strive to provide our costumers with world class service when it comes to their general contracting needs. Whether our costumers want roof repair, a flat roof&#... more

PortGate Inc. is one of TrustedPros top rated Roofing Contractors in Toronto

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Located at 26 Ramblewood Drive in Toronto, ON and offering services for Kitchen Renovations, Landscaping, Property Maintenance. Get it Done Enterprises Ltd. can be reached at 647-299-3663.

Located at 1360 York Mills Rd in Toronto, ON and offering services for Electrical, Floor Heating, Home Inspection. Mcdines Electric can be reached at 416-402-5967.

Located at 104 Alfred Avenue in Toronto, ON and offering services for Decks, Kitchen Renovations, Basement Renovations. Axis Construction can be reached at 416-602-8563.

Located at 100 King St. W in Toronto, ON and offering services for Painting, Caulking, Commercial Renovations. Correct Painting can be reached at 647-828-3426.

Located at Yonge and finch ave in Toronto, ON and offering services for Windows and Doors. Azure windows & doors can be reached at 416-832-1807.

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How much would it cost to build a 18 X 14 garage with a 2nd storey loft in Toronto? Perimeter of footing already excavated, all permits in place, Architects drawings provided. - to excavate existing fill and stock pile for back bill - install concrete footings, pour concrete pad, foundation wall, - framing (structure, roof,...

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Does the builder need to have a license in Toronto?

Hello, I am looking to hire a builder to demolish my old house and build a new house. I am not sure if legally they need to have a license. Thanks for your help....

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Single Car Garage in Toronto

I am looking to have a contractor build a single car garage which is 12' x 24' in my backyard. Permits are in the works. What is average the cost of removing the existing grade, forming, set reinforcing, and pouring a monolithic slab for a garage --> there is only 8'-0" access via a shared laneway. (typical Toronto...

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Determining "Value" with your Electrical Contractor

Recently I was involved in a conversation with some fellow tradesmen (I was the only Electrical Contractor (EC)) on the topic of "Value". The topic was really about how to explain to a client about the value of work that is not seen – not "lipstick and mascara". So to help explain some of the differences in the electrical area I will ...

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When renovating or remodeling your Toronto kitchen and bathrooms you need to carefully consider where you can save money and where saving money will actually cause problems. Always prepare for unexpected costs....

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A Fall Garden, even in Toronto? You Bet!

As odd as it may sound, the perfect weather, climate, and time available for many vegetable gardens is in the fall, not the spring! Even persons who live in colder climates like Montreal and Toronto can enjoy the ease and the benefits of fall gardening....

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Have you hired a contractor before? Share you experience with other homeowners by writing a review. Post your project and local pros contact you or browse contractor profiles and make informed decisions by comparing credentials and reading trusted customer reviews.

When you have laid out your plans and have your wish list completed for a home renovation or building project, you'll undoubtedly find that the selection of a contractor becomes a top priority. Finding a good contractor in Toronto is made a whole lot easier by following this simple guide.

Start with TrustedPros!

No matter what your project entails, TrustedPros has a large list of potential contractor candidates to select from. This includes anything from small, general handy work to general contractors for larger projects, and every profession in between.

Make sure you have carefully thought about your project and what it might require. You can check with the city of Toronto if you are unsure about what permits are required. On their website you'll find helpful information for all sorts of building trades. Also notice that Toronto is divided into four customer service areas. You'll find a map on their website.

Once you have a general idea of what you need it is time to secure a few competing bids from Toronto contractors. Usually 3-6 are plenty. Type in the type of project you are looking to have completed on TrustedPros and begin looking at the contractor descriptions. See that they have the experience for your type of project (residential vs. commercial, for example) and that they have had success with past users of TrustedPros.

Make sure all contractors receive the same specific requirements you're calling for on your project. It is hard to compare bids, warranties involved and materials used without concrete details. Handing each contractor the same plans and requirements will make your selection process go much smoother, and it will avoid miscommunication down the road.

When you've narrowed down your selection to just a couple of contractors, check their references. A good contractor should be happy to supply you with the phone numbers of a few previous customers. At the same time you can check with the Toronto Municipal Licensing and Standards division to make sure the contractor you are selecting is properly licensed.

Finally, make sure you understand the terms of the contract you are signing with your contractor, and agree on a payment schedule and milestones that must be completed before you write a check. You can also look at the Construction Lien Act for guidance.

Following these steps gives you the best opportunity to complete your project while minimizing time and expenses.

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