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Tuck pointing/chimney repair

I had a quote from someone for tuck pointing, and they offered an alternative for the bricks. They said they could use a combination of fiberglass/epoxy/concrete instead of brick to fix the chimney&...

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Installing new closet doors with in floor heating system

We want to install mirrored closet doors and it requires a floor track. What's the danger with the in floor heat system? How can I find the pex line so I dont drill into it? How deep is the line?...

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Help with a maxx shower kit, wall panel

Installing a maxx neo angle shower kit. How can I close a gap on wall panel not sitting on the base unit, walls not plum in an older cottage, 3/8” gap. Any options, metal cap, rubber...

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Can I paint a bare concrete floor?

I was wondering if it was possible to paint a bare concrete floor. We recently had to remove the linoleum covering our basement laundry room due to mold and we are looking at different options on what to do wit...

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New Build Finishing Basement: Wait Time, Builder vs. Contractor

Hey everyone, sorry to start another "basement" thread but looking to find answers to the following questions. I tried to search but doesn't seem to be consensus: 1. Is there still a reco...

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New Ontario lockdown!? Am I open or closed?

Just wondering if I would be shutdown I do home renovations and am a sole proprietor....

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Can plugs be wired in series in Ontario?

Can basement plugs be wire in series in Ontario, Canada. or do the always have to be in parallel to be code compliant come thanks...

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Switching from fuse panel to breaker panel

I rent and my landlord is going to switch my fuse panel to breaker there is all kinds of issues with plugs that top works and bottom dose not plus numerous plugs don't work at all the wiring is over 50 year...

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Connect a "french drain" for drainage to a window well to the weeping t

Have a small backyard and water has no where to go, puddles at the back and sits there. Can I do a french drain with a catch basin and the drain it to a window well down to the weeping tile of the house&#...

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How much would it cost for structural engineer to calculate lvl size for removal

Looking to remove wall between kitchen and family room for an open floor plan. I've worked in construction for the past 15 years and am experienced in removing walls and installing lvls trusses, etc. I ...

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