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Removing a redundant teleport

There is a telepost in the basement which my husband installed forty years ago to support a heatilator fireplace. The fire place and all framing has now been removed so there is no longer a load to bear. ...

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Garage Door Remote

I had to put a new battery into my garage door opener remote and it isn't syncing with the opener any longer - is this something that you can advise on? Thanks...

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Contractor disappeared for weeks, ignored us and now threatening to file a l

Hi all, We hired a contractor and work started off good - we had a contract and paid him in instalments. The day after we made the 4th payment (totalling 90% of the total job) he started acti...

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What should I do in this situation?

Recently started a tiled shower job using Schluter materials and such, I requested $1800 for material cost before I have started I have since been on the job for two days and the customer is a complete ...

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Property lien

I am new to this, but I got huge work started, this guy initially did good job, but took a long time due to his absenteeism, and did not finish the work. He made me pay more than the contract wa...

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Insulation Quote From a Contractor or Company

Is it possible to get an itemized quote for insulation & a bit of mold in my 300' attic? ...

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Best advise for laying carpet tiles on concrete basement?

I would like to put down carpet tiles in my basement without sealing the floor first as I do not have time to let it cure. Is there a poly film I can tack onto the floor which u can then apply the carpet tiles...

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New Dishwasher not draining water properly

My new Samsung dishwasher is not draining water properly. Every time I open it after wash, its all wet and dishes are not dried at all. I can see around half a glass of water standing around the bottom of ...

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Cost to Interior Decor/Furniture For New Home

We are planning to buy our first home and wondering how much would it cost to get an interior decorator to do the entire home furnitures/decor? On a tight budget and no renovation needed. Thanks :&#...

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What is my square footage?

Drew some hilarious photos on my iPad but the measurements are fairly accurate This is for flooring, a lot of people are just asking me square footage so far Thanks in advance !!...

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