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Turning a 1.5 story house to a 3/4 or 2

Hello, I am just wondering what the costs would be like for changing a 1.5 story house into a 3/4 or 2? It is just very narrow upstairs and we would like more space. It already has a bathroom ups...

Number of Responses 1 Date of Last Post 1 day ago
Water entry to basement

Hi, I would greatly appreciate an answer to the question, Would a missing patio stone next to foundation cause water to enter basement? Not sure if photos are there but if you answer I can send ...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post 1 day ago
Centre drain sink to rear drain sink

Hi, Is it a difficult DIY job to change a centre drain sink to a rear drain sink? Thanks...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post 1 day ago
Sand in my basement window frames

Our house is a bi-level, and we have siding on the upper level of the house. The lower level, that is approximately half out of the ground, has a stucco finish. All of the basement windows are dou...

Number of Responses 2 Date of Last Post 1 day ago
Who is responsible for permits and who pays the fines?

Hello, Just curious about permits and from what I've read it is the homeowners responsibility to get the required permits and they will be fined if they are working without one, correct? ...

Number of Responses 10 Date of Last Post 1 day ago
How much does it cost per foot to paint a fence

I have a 2000 ft by 5ft high fence that needs to be painted. How much does it cost per foot? Both sides....

Number of Responses 1 Date of Last Post 1 day ago
Cost of building 2 story home?

What is the cost of building a 2400 sq ft 2 story with legal basement house with deck and enclosed balcony?...

Number of Responses 5 Date of Last Post 2 days ago
How to deal with exposed basement foundation walls?

Hi all, We've been planning to renovate a large room in our basement, where there are three exterior wals. The house dates from the 1940s, and the walls are concrete blocks which were parged ...

Number of Responses 10 Date of Last Post 5 days ago
Is plywood a good shower base if it's waterproofed?

I am renovating a bathroom in an old house built in 1905, so of course the floors slope towards the centre of the house. We decided to use this to our advantage and build a curbless marble tiled shower with...

Number of Responses 6 Date of Last Post 5 days ago
Deck footings next to house?

I'm planning a free standing deck build off the back of my house but how close to the house can I do the footings? Or can I move the footings away from the house to the circled spots and have a small c...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post 6 days ago

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