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Finishing up a kitchen renovation

I have a 'mostly' renovated kitchen.. few last bits of work to be done are - install over the stove microwave/fan, install dishwasher, replace ceiling fan with new one(already purchased...

Number of Responses 6 Date of Last Post 2 days ago
Basement Bathroom Cost

I have lined up a bathroom installer but feel they are not giving me enough information. They did not suggest getting a permit. They gave me an estimate that did not itemize cost of work and were eager to ge...

Number of Responses 8 Date of Last Post 2 days ago
Roughed in Plumbing No Permit

A former owner roughed in plumbing for a basement bathroom - no permit. Will a camera inspection determine if the floor drain has been put in with correct slope and configuration? Thanks, Diane...

Number of Responses 2 Date of Last Post 2 days ago
Appropriate Discount?

I hired a cabinet contractor to do kitchen, bath and utility room cabinets for my home. I was told the job would take around 4 weeks to complete, maybe a little longer. Everything that could go wrong di...

Number of Responses 2 Date of Last Post 3 days ago
Raising Basement Floor Drain to new floor level.

Hi, I'm about to flatten my basement floor which has a significant slope at the drain. I will be keeping the drain but need to raise it about 2 1/2" inches to meet the new level. However upon...

Number of Responses 5 Date of Last Post 4 days ago
What the best way from preventing ice build-up in the interior of windows?

Most of the windows in my house have the build-up of ice, it is frustrating and could become very costly to replace....

Number of Responses 8 Date of Last Post 4 days ago
Complete roof replacement or Demolish?

Wondering what it should cost ballpark to replace the roof completely down to the framing on my garage extension. It is 27 x 20 ' and very low pitch. I will attach a picture. Or would it be cheaper to demol...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post 4 days ago
Cost to replace a standard bathtub with direct to stud surround

Wondering what it should cost to have my tub replaced with a new tub and direct to stud surround and cap. I was quoted 5700 tax in with removal of old tub and surround and drywall behind it. It seems high to me...

Number of Responses 8 Date of Last Post 4 days ago
Replace door with a window

Wondering what it would cost to replace an exterior door with a window, including exterior flashing....

Number of Responses 2 Date of Last Post 4 days ago
Cost of commercial floor coverings

I have a 1000sqf commercial space that needs flooring and I'm trying to decide to go with either carpet tiles or VCT. The area is square, and floor is smooth concrete. I'm considering going with eit...

Number of Responses 1 Date of Last Post 4 days ago

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