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Concerns regarding Painting an unfinished basement ceiling

I would like to have someone spray paint the unfinished ceiling in my basement, mainly to seal the wood and minimise dust. However, are there any safety concerns regarding the paint getting on to wires...

Number of Responses 1 Date of Last Post 4 days ago
What is the cost of putting in a 12x8 ft concrete slab to hold a garden shed?

Estimation on the installation of a concrete slab 12x8 ft probably 4in thick to hold a new garden shed. also what would be the time frame to complete...

Number of Responses 9 Date of Last Post 5 days ago
Dishwasher and microwave cost

How much would it cost to install a dishwasher and over range microwave?...

Number of Responses 1 Date of Last Post 5 days ago
Rubber tubing on the basement floor

This rubber sits on the basement floor and it does NOT lead to the exterior Someone said - it is used to discharge the pressure from the water line. What is the purpose of this tube and if I could remove ...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post 5 days ago
What do you think about this price?

Hey guys, I'm wondering if some industry pros can weigh in on the prices that my drywall contractor is giving me. The house is older but I completely gutted and replaced everything (Structural...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post 6 days ago
Is there a national guide on average hours to complete specific jobs like how th

I was wondering if there was some sort of national guidelines on the number of man hours to complete repairs for contractors. I get a water heater replacement might take 1-2 hours depending on the location and ...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post 8 days ago
What are the licensing requirements for a handyman in Quebec?

Do handymen working exclusively on private residences in Quebec need a general contactors license? I have spoken to a few RBQ employees who give me conflicting answers. Two have stated that as long as I wor...

Number of Responses 1 Date of Last Post 9 days ago
How to fix very wet crawl space

What is the proper way to fix a wet crawl space with a high water table with mostly ground water ...

Number of Responses 1 Date of Last Post 10 days ago
Cost to assess wall and hopefully expand view/'window' space between

We just moved into our bungalow, built 1957, it has a wall dividing most of the length of the upstairs, including between the kitchen and living room. There's a walk through space between the ki...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post 12 days ago
Cost to add bedroom ceiling light

Hello, I'm wondering what the labor cost is to add a ceiling light, wiring, and a wall switch in a bedroom with attic access. Thank you ...

Number of Responses 6 Date of Last Post 14 days ago

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