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Basement floor

Hi guys, My previous idea was to use Porcelain tiles for the basement flooring but it looks like it is become bigger and $$$ project than I thought. I was thinking maybe to try to use Lami...

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Contractor asking for more money

We hired a contractor. He never gave us a quote and then later after half the job he handed us an invoice he had made up. He didn't finish the job and he did the work on his free time. There was a time fram...

Number of Responses 5 Date of Last Post 1 day ago
3rd party floor installation

We moved to a townhouse and the sellers contracted the floor job to the Strata Co who in turn contracted out. The floor is coming apart at the joints and installer is claiming its due to cheap floor that the pr...

Number of Responses 7 Date of Last Post 1 day ago
Porcelain tiles in basement, what to ask installer?

Good day, I am thinking to change my carpet in basement to porcelain tile, that it looks like hard wood (dont want any laminate). So I want to hire a pro to do the job, but I am not sure...

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Existing basement subfloor

I'm renovating my basement that was finished by the previous owner. The house is around 25 years old. Half of the basement floor already has a solid subfloor. It consists of 1x2 strapping with 1x12 inc...

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Grout sealant, or no grout sealant?

Grout Sealant to finish a tile job... or not? My Dad was a contractor for years, and him and I are doing a bathroom renovation on a house that I have purchased. We are installing 12x24" porcelai...

Number of Responses 1 Date of Last Post 2 days ago

Hello Trusted Pros Community, Am a little frustrated - why do contractors that come out to a job not quote all the requirements for a job? I've had some quote not including some items thinking th...

Number of Responses 15 Date of Last Post 3 days ago
I would like a ballpark estimate for a bathroom renovation

Here are some details on what need to be done. -remove tub and replace with tiled shower (no tub) -tile floor -repair and finishes that are necessary -vanity is not needed (new one in recently&...

Number of Responses 7 Date of Last Post 3 days ago
Supporting wall?

We have a cement wall between basement and garage with 2by8 and a wall on 1st floor on those boards. Can we put a heat duct through to garage which is now a room?...

Number of Responses 2 Date of Last Post 3 days ago
What do you think we should do other than clean up mold?

We have been finding mould everywhere, and also one of our walls is 'mushy'. What do you think we should do other than clean up mold?...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post 4 days ago

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