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Estimate Cost for a Wall Pantry

I have a cabinet maker at home who gave me a very high price for simple wall cabinets. I have provide a picture that is something I'm looking for. What could be the estimate price for such a pantry? Th...

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Electrical cost per square foot residential / commercial

What is the electrical cost of 3700 square foot house in Ontario Canada...

Number of Responses 2 Date of Last Post 1 day ago
Hourly rate for Journeyman Carpenter

I have just set up my own contracting firm and have a journey man carpenter with me. We are a unionized company and I was wondering what I need to be charging for my journeyman per hour to be profitable?...

Number of Responses 2 Date of Last Post 2 days ago

Getting quotes for parging - there is a tarline about 4 inches up from grade. I'm getting such different information, I'm not really sure what to do. #1 Re-parge above the old tar, and leav...

Number of Responses 3 Date of Last Post 3 days ago
How do I Remove Scratches and Stains on new Hardwood floor?

How do i remove scratches and stains on new hardwood floor?...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post 3 days ago
Waterproofing For Concrete Porch

Is there a DO-IT-YOURSELF product that I can use to waterproof a concrete porch? The porch is above (2) rooms in my basement, so everytime it rains or the snow melts, water leaks from my ce...

Number of Responses 2 Date of Last Post 3 days ago
Basement rim joists

Is it ok to insulate the basement rim joists if you are un sure if the exterior rim joists are insulated? I live in a 5b climate zone. Thank you!...

Number of Responses 5 Date of Last Post 3 days ago
Cost for Bathroom Remodelling

We have one full washroom on second level. I'm thinking of converting the bathtub to walk in shower with door and new tiles as the floor is sagging and we have water stain on ceiling of main floor. Its a sm...

Number of Responses 15 Date of Last Post 4 days ago
How much does it cost to relocate Furnace and Water Heater?

As we are planning to finish our basement soon, our furnace and water heater is in the middle of our unfinished basement. I was thinking if it could relocate to different location so that we can have big an...

Number of Responses 7 Date of Last Post 4 days ago
Advice on rates in Calgary Alberta

Hello. I have been charging hourly rates for my work. I’m switching to piece work rates. It’s been a long time since I have charged piece work. I’m looking to find out the rates for the following jobs. -Scra...

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