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Reality Check: Survey Reveals Serious Flaws in Homeowner Renovation Hiring Behaviour

We surveyed 395 contractors across Canada and asked them about their clients' hiring behavior. Canadian contractors report that their clientele are not doing enough due diligence during the home renovation hiring process. Contractors report that their clients fail to ask them about their trade and business licenses. Contractors report that their clients mostly ask them about their liability insurance and Workers' Compensation Insurance. Click to read the full report which includes provincial and skilled trade category.

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Most and Least Trustworthy Contractors in Canada Revealed

A good contractor is hard to find. That's why we do our best to help homeowners understand what to look for in a remodeling or service professional before you sign a contract. We've analyzed thirteen years of data to bring you the most an least trustworthy home improvement contractors and service professionals in Canada nationally and provincially. Use this data to understand how much research you should do before you say yes! to your next contractor.

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surprisingly awesome home improvements
10 Surprisingly Awesome European-Inspired Home Improvements

Are you looking to make some small home improvements that will change your life for the better? Do you want your home to run smoother and more efficiently? Do you want your home to be safer and cleaner? Wat about more comfortable? We've researched European homes to bring you some of the most interesting, innovative, clever, and useful home improvements that you can implement at home. Although North American homes have a familiar style there is so much to learn from our neighbours from across the pond! These home improvements can surely make your life at home better!

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negative reviews libellous
Negative Online Reviews and the Chilling Effect--is Anti-SLAPP Legislation Protecting Consumers?

Consumers are more powerful than ever in the marketplace. They are able to post their business feedback online and do thorough research before purchasing goods and services. But how are consumers to handle the libel and defamation law suits which that aim to silence them? In this article we discuss how homeowners are at risk for false libel cases and what they can do to avoid them.

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10 new and innovative home design materials
10 New and Innovative Home Building and Design Materials

Home building and design products aren't just about aesthetics anymore. Scientists and designers work tirelessly to integrate sustainability, innovation, and allure into their products. Today's trends show us that building materials must be multi-purpose and eco-friendly. Contemporary values have influenced so many building and design spheres. We've created a list of some of the most exciting additions to the home improvement industry from new builds, to paint, to insulation. Find out more about the recent additions to the market that emphasize anything from marble replicas to energy generating technology.

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execute a reno
How to Avoid Renovation Aggravation: 10 Easy Steps for Contractors and Homeowners

Home renovations are complicated projects with a lot of moving parts. It's easy to run into communication issues, especially when the majority of the renovation is conducted through verbal agreements after the contract is signed. Verbal agreements seem like a casual way to approach a home renovation, but they put homeowners and contractors at serious risk for major complications and expenses. In this article, we show you how to avoid leaving your home renovation up to verbal agreements. We have 10 different ways to help you document a home renovation project.

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[Infographic] 28 Stats that you need to know about Home Renovations

TrustedPros mined and analyzed our data from 2016 to deliver 30 statistics on renovation trends from last year. Over 2 million users' search behaviour and project inquiries have informed us about nation-wide trends on home improvements, contractor expectations, and budget numbers.

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Tiling for Dummies

Where do tiles work best? Are tiles for indoor or outdoor environments? How much does a tiling project cost? All your tiling project questions answered here.

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Top 10 Home Renovations in Canada for 2016

We pooled one years' worth of data from over 2 million users to tell you which home improvement projects ranked on top for 2016. Find out the top ten home improvement projects nation-wide and for each province. We've included information on how much money Canadians were willing to spend on each project as well.

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The Best Holiday Home Improvement Gifts for 2016

Gift cards can be great for anyone who is looking to renovate their home. However, they can be a bit impersonal, and they are usually limited to big-box stores. Get your loved one something to improve their home from a small retailer or artist this holiday season. Find unique and creative options to give your friends and family's homes a facelift in our 2016 holiday gift list.

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