Trust is our business model.

It's never been compromised or put secondary.

Since our inception, TrustedPros has been dedicated to publishing trustworthy consumer reviews for home improvement contractor services.

Your trust is our priority. That's why all reviews have undergone strict examination to help ensure that you can trust they've been submitted by a consumer that has hired a company or individual, had an company or individual to perform work on their property or where a financial transaction occurred.

Dishonest businesses don't like us. Nobody can hide a bad reputation on TrustedPros!

Consumer Reviews on TrustedPros

Every published review has passed a strict validation process. We are serious about honesty.

If we catch a contractor trying to fraudulently bolster their reputation, then we will boldly display this on their profile. We will also penalize their TrustScore rating.

We have always maintained that consumer reviews must be verifiable. We require that the author writes about paid services, services completed on their property, or services and interactions completed after signing a contract. Most of all, the review must come from the author's mouth.

This protocol is not (and has not been) the industry standard. We have never accepted hand-written submissions, or submissions written on behalf of homeowners by service professionals or others. We have always stood by standards that support unbiased and genuine reviews.

Every published review has met our Review Guidelines. It has passed our top secret screening software, and it has passed over a dozen investigation tests when necessary.

Please do not be alarmed if our Validation Team contacts you about your review submission. They conduct random and investigative checks to ensure that the information provided in the review is accurate. They will not ask you for more personal information than what exists in your TrustedPros profile, and what was written in your review.

Each year countless reviews do not make the cut. We intend on keeping it that way.

Hiring trusted contractors is the foundation of a good renovation experience. That's why we work so hard to ensure that you can trust the information that is posted on TrustedPros.


TrustedPros takes information privacy very seriously. Absolutely no information that you share with TrustedPros will be shared with a third party. Your information will remain confidential and secure in our servers.

Read more about our strict Privacy Policy.

Freedom of Public Information

We are very strict about keeping public information right where it belongs: in the public eye.

Business information and consumer reviews are a matter of public record and public concern. So, we will not remove this information from TrustedPros.

Businesses that no longer have an active profile with us cannot have their information or reviews removed. Consumers will always have access to published client reviews.

How TrustScore Builds your Trust

The TrustScore rating system is an objective rating scale that is based on company honesty, transparency, and trustworthiness. It evaluates businesses based on 16 different criteria.

TrustScore is the only rating system in Canada that informs consumers of a contractor's shady activity that they have used to deceive consumers.

We penalize a contractor's TrustScore if they attempt to submit a false review, post deceiving information, or attempt to have a negative review removed without legal support or verifiable facts to support their case.

We award contractors for their credential transparency, business endorsements, business history, and more.

You can read more about the TrustScore system here.

If you have inside information about a contractor's shady activity please contact our validation team ([email protected]).

How does TrustedPros Make Money?

TrustedPros offers contractors a Premium Subscription option.

However, Premium Members cannot pay to have their reputations improved, client reviews altered or removed, or TrustScores elevated. In fact, we've lost paying clients because of this. We've had contractors leave us for other companies because we refused to remove their negative reviews or alter their scores.

TrustedPros does not profit off of any sort of reputation modification services whatsoever.

Here's what Premium Members receive when they pay for a subscription:

  • Increased geographical coverage for their listing reach
  • Improved listing placement in our directory
  • The ability to respond to homeowner project posts
  • Company advertisements throughout the TrustedPros website

We do not:

  • Contact their clients to ask for a review alteration
  • Edit their reputation
  • Provide them with extra points that alter their reputation
  • Give them any type of penalization immunity in the event of a Code of Ethics violation

All contractors are treated the same way on TrustedPros for the benefit of consumer awareness, honesty, and transparency.