TrustedPros Complaints System: For Employees

TrustedPros Complaints System is an integral part of the TrustScore rating and review system, the most reliable online contractor rating system in Canada. TrustScore is a five-point contractor rating algorithmically calibrated for 11 different criteria, including complaints from employees and suppliers.

Why Employee Complaints are a Part of TrustScore?

Unhappy employees make unhappy customers. Disgruntled workers cannot be expected to do a quality job. That's why we factor in employee feedback to provide homeowners with more trustworthy contractor ratings.

When Can Employees Use TrustedPros Complaints System?

If you work for a contractor listed with us, you can use TrustedPros Complaint System to file a complaint. Your complaint must fall into one of the following categories,

  • Unpaid Wages: If the contractor has failed to pay your wages despite repeated reminders, you can lodge your complaint with us. Please do not forget to attach that you were hired and not paid after the due date.
  • Unethical Business Practices: If you are aggrieved by your employer's unethical business practices like fraud, discrimination, or harassment, and feel that your ability to work has been hampered as a result, you can submit your complaint and proof, if any.
  • Unsafe Working Procedures: Do you think the contractor employing you routinely engages in unsafe working practices that may be hazardous for employees or property owners? Feel free to file a complaint using TrustedPros Complaints System.

How to Use TrustedPros Complaints System

You can simply use our Complaint Registration Form for Employees to file your complaint.

  • You'll need to provide your name and contact information, we do not accept anonymous complaints
  • Use separate forms if you want to file more than one complaint
  • Please be objective and factual while stating your grievance
  • The confidentiality and privacy of your information is guaranteed

Please remember that all unsupported complaints are independently verified before they can impact a contractor's TrustScore. Filing a false or malicious complaint may result in legal consequences.