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August, 2005 - " I listed my company in 2005. I had listed with a few other sites, and even considered joining RenoMark or the GTHBA, but for the cost I just didn't see the benefit. Your site has by far the best layout, and is the best source of leads that we have. In the first 4 months, we've signed contracts on over $400,000 worth of work - that's a pretty good return on our advertising dollars, and is unsurpassed by any other advertising that we've done so far. In fact, as we've built such a network of referrals from the business we've received via your site, we no longer advertise anywhere else! Keep up the good work, and we'll do the same! "

September 22, 2008 - “ As a Contractor, has been an incredible source of leads, unsurpassed by any other form of advertising, and unbelievably affordable. If there’s an easier way to bring homeowners and contractors together, it has yet to be invented!”

- HGTV's Disaster DIY Host Bryan Baeumler, Baeumler Quality Construction and Renovations Inc.

"The website has generated great business, the site doesn't ask for much and produces real results that make it easy to renew. Thank you."

- Bill S., Stancroft Contracting

"You guys have a very very very AMAZING website. My brother and I have gone on many many many hundreds of free advertising websites and we got NOTHING at all. On this web site we are getting emails every day and phone calls. We wish we would have found you guys a few years ago when we fist started. We are getting non stop emails and phone calls. We are going to tell everyone we know who owns a business about you guys. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

- The Hardwood Floor Guys

"This site has been an amazing resource for networking. I have told at least 15 other major businesses about For instance, a women called me today ,told me she had a leak in her basement and wanted a quote on repairing some concrete floor that needed refilling and some drywall repair. So she emailed a picture of the damage and I was able to quote her based on the pictures she sent me. Without having to go and view the jobsite , for such a small job makes it easier for contractors to, 1 give an accurate quotation and 2 manage our time better out in the field."

- Russell Birch, MLRS

"Thanks for a great website and lead service. Seems to be working well so far."

- Andrew Parker, Par-Tek Construction Services

"Hello, we just completed our first project from TrustedPros. I would like to thank you for the exposure this has lead to future contracts with this customer. Koodo's from all us at RBC, we would not have got it without you."

- Brandon Desrochers, RBC Restoration

"TrustedPros is the only form of advertising I do now and I have been very please with the amount of leads I receive. Thanx for the great site Rene"

- Rene Rozon, Rene Rozon Construction

"TrustedPros has been great, I have gotten numerous jobs from this site and made some really goods friends in the process as well. "

- Steven McInnis, Sandbar Construction Inc.

"Great website - so glad I found it."

- Lloyd Spalding, Lloyd Spalding Construction Services

"I must say ... it's laid out nicely and formatted very well. It provides a streamlined information base which seems to allow consumer and contracter to merge together nicely with productive results."

- Harry Dunbar, North American Tile

"TrustedPros is indeed the number 1 contractor search engine."

- Rob Charlebois, M.R. Renovations

"My Name is Brad MacKenzie, from Premier Construction & Maintenance services, I would just like to take a few moments and say thank you very much! Your website is very effective, our sales have increased 45% and were very happy with the service, We have now offered our customers a discount every time they or there friends use From the staff at Premier Construction in Hamilton, Ontario we thank you very much for letting us be a part of your wonderful service. Thanks guys keep up the great work!!"

- Brad MacKenzie, Owner of Premier Construction & Maintenance Services Ltd

"I found that TrustedPros is the best company."

- Arthur Zal, ANH Solutions Group

"Having just signed up for your service, I already have over 55 leads that I would not have had. As a general contrator, it can be very time consuming to locate and open communications with little or no leads available. You guys match up the need with the solution and it works out perfectly! This is a great site and keep up the great work!"

- Jim Pickett, J-Ren Professional Renovations

"Cu do's to your web site, I have been contacted for four  different jobs and all four have ended up with a signed contract. These range from an emergency foundation repair to a complete basement  renovation.  Two upcoming jobs are a bathroom reno and a french drain installation.

I had paid for other publicity last year and after spending $1,200.00, I  didn't even get a single response. So obviously, your website is the way to go."

- Neil Scott, Hunter Construction

"TrustedPros has been very helpful .Our company is becoming more successful as we keep using TrustedPros and using other contractors from the site.Thank You TrustedPros! "

- Tim Skelton, Hometown Contracting

" Very effective, with a strong online presence. "

- Noel G, Katz Custom Builders

" Thank you TrustedPros, I greatly appreciate your help and applaud you for creating a quality environment for both Home Owners and Contractors to interact. Thank you again and keep up the good work. "

- Kimble K, JKS Custom

" Yes. It is one of the best sites. I am booked until July and more to come got a few leads on here and now it turned out these leads have more friends who have seen my work and want more done. I have no lack work and right now I am turning down some work. I am glad I found this site and recommend other contractors to jump on to this winning wagon too. "

- Leon Vincent, LJV Construction

"Great site, thank you! "

- Luiza Placha, Mirko Construction

" I've been a new memeber for a week or so now, and I'm very happy with the service you provide. Keep up the good work.. "

- Sam Celio, Celio Group Inc.

" I have been a member of TrustedPros since March 07 and have been very satisfied with their website. The customer support and service has been excellent and any questions or information needed has been provided promptly and professionally. The feedback from customers that I have dealt with has all been positive and I would recommend TrustedPros to other contractors and homeowners that want to post a project. "

- Scott Wood, SW Contracting

" We are exceptionally happy with the referals we get from this site. 90% successs rate so far and they way it works saves us time and money. "

- Randy K, Level One Maintenance Ltd.

" Very Good site, my membership has gotten me many jobs! Thanks a bunch you guys, I no longer need to advertise in the paper !! "

- Trent G, Abuilt Custom Builders

I wish that TrustedPros was around about 35 years ago, it has been the most cost effective means of advertizing that I have ever used, the annual income just in the last 6 months has been well over $1000.00 in revenue. The amount of potential coustomers that are on my computer are truly overwhelming at times and I spend at least 2hrs. a day choseing which coustomers that I wish to do bussiness with.

TrustedPros is without the best contractor services available to me on the internet and we are looking forward to a great year finanialy, keep up the great work!

- Joey P.Benedetto Jet Plumbing And Contracting Inc.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting great clients for whom we’ve created quality designer spaces through TrustedPros. Receiving relevant leads consistently allows us to be selective on which projects we bid on and ensures that our firm continues to grow.

Compared to traditional means of advertising, TrustedPros is a sure and economical way to succeed.

- Fardid Biglar, BiglarKinyan Design Partnership Inc.

My jobs were mostly from word of mouth and customers seeing our quality work would ask us to do there renovations, then I found this web site and I got a post and the customer was very happy with our work as well as this web site. I think it's great for the small business who don't want to advertise in the yellow pages, you can pick and choose your jobs as well as the home owner can pick and choose.

- Tara Hayes, TaraKan Contractor

I would like to say that I have really enjoyed advertising on this site. I have found it financially rewarding since I have become a member.

- Sebastian, Taping Excellence

As a Premium member I received my first lead notification e-mail that included the contact information of a prospective client looking for a bathroom renovation. I immediately decided to get in touch with the prospect. To my surprise he was eager to meet with me and an appointment was made for myself and my partner to visit his home and quote on the job. I was pleasantly surprised to find the seriousness and quality of this prospect was top-notch! Most of the callers who phone from my classified advertising are mostly tire-kickers and we have to drive around and do 5 quotes before we land one job. But shortly after visiting the lead from TrustedPros .... WE WERE AWARDED THE JOB! We were astonished at how easy it was...this first job has already paid for the membership!

- Michael Klisouris, Second To None Renovations

" I believe that the internet is the way of the future and I believe that TrustedPros is ahead of their time. Businesses are fighting to win customers to win a 10-100 sale. But here for less then 1 dollar a day can you receive hot leads to build your business.

I love this service and will not recommend this to anyone as it is my industry secret!!! "

- Leslie H., Toronto Home Renovation

" I think TrustedPros is a useful resource to many and a great idea!! "

- Christian H., DreamScene Renovations

" I must commend you on a very good service. I have found this service to be very good, with exceptional leads for potential work. "

- Don, M2C1 DESIGN

" I like the idea of TrustedPros. I have passed the info onto my various contacts, and think with time and the right marketing you could be the # 1 lead generator for contractors. "

- Clive, WallTec (80) Inc.

" Unlike other advertising mediums, TrustedPros really lets me show my skill and expertise to my prospects. TrustedPros has become my word-of-mouth referrals for my online prospects! "

- Mark S., Advantage Roofing

"We have a high confirmation rate with TrustedPros. More than 70% of our TrustedPros customers agree to meet with us. TrustedPros gets you in the door more times for less cost than other advertising methods. It is the highest closing lead service we have – other sources cannot compare to what TrustedPros has brought to the table… Good companies like to work with other good companies. TrustedPros is one that we like to work with and will continue to do business with.."

- Paul C., Beyond Building Co.

"TrustedPros accounts for 50% of all the new customers I receive and has allowed me to add another crew. I am now busy following up on the many leads I get instead of wasting time hoping potential customers see my ads. I have also found that more than 25% of my clients spread the word to their neighbours about my services."

- Terry S., Spartan Windows

"TrustedPros provides me with steady, targeted leads in the areas I want to work, doing the type of work I want to do. With TrustedPros, it’s the first time I have felt I could afford to not take just any job that came along but rather I could focus on where I want to work and do exactly what I want to do."

- Kerry S., Central Construction