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Home Renovation Job Requests in Victoria

Home Renovation

Below you'll find recent home repair and renovation job requests posted by Victoria homeowners seeking the help of local trusted professionals.

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Electrician to connect new hot tub to existing wiring

Our Beachcomber hot tub installed 11 years ago broke down and we are now replacing it with a Sundance hot tub. We need a certified electrician to connect the new hot tub to the existing wiring. Hot tub is on its own circuit breaker board.

Concern: | Budget: Uncertain

Basement Bathroom

I need have my house's water main shut off tap that is currently situated in the middle of the shower wall to another place that makes more sense. I ripped out most of the plastic shower encasement down to wooden boards and looks like moisture has been getting in. A remedy for that AND a install a new shower surround so my place will be safe and mold ridden. Thankfully there's not a LOT of mold, Also a small repair to the constantly running toilet - which I've shut off for now. Thanks for your bid. :)

Concern: | Budget: Uncertain


10x 20 concrete slab floor to be poured in already existing shed.

Concern: | Budget: $100 - $500

House extension

Hi there, we are looking at building a small extension on our 1911 house in Oak Bay, BC. We are already aware of the all the zoning requirements and there is no concern there. What we would be looking for is off the back of the house into the back yard. The house is 22 feet wide and we would like the extension to be about 12 feet deep. It's a raise house so there is either a 6.5 foot crawlspace or just a very unfinished basement type structure undernearth. The extension would be used as an additional living room and a bedroom. The contractor would be required to build the structure, roof etc but we would do the drywalling and finishing.

Concern: | Budget: Uncertain

Painter needed

Painting new construction/residential 16 units. Paint ceilings, walls, (primer and two coats), baseboards. Around 3,000 sqf to 4,500 sqf size of units Need to know how much you charge per sqf, just a rough idea. if I decided to give you the job i'll give more details Also paint 80 parking spots lines and numbers in new parking.

Concern: | Budget: $50,000 - $100,000

Heating rennovation

Currently my house had forced air heated by gas. I want to move to electric. I need five electric heaters installed, either baseboard or wall fan depending on best use of product to heat the space.

Concern: | Budget: $500 - $1,000

Deck painting

I have 2 brand new decks needs to be painted. Size is around 400 sqft and 300 sqft. My house is located in Broadmead area. Thanks.

Concern: | Budget: Uncertain

Open kitchen, remove wall and build island.

Edit: Hi all. As I mention below, I'm not looking for a quote here (I don't give near enough information). I'm looking for stories of somewhat related projects and their costs. I'm only interested in gathering a range of potential costs, so I can determine whether this project is going to be done this Summer, or next. Sorry, but I won't be replying for requests for calls or more information. I'd be glad to hear what you've done that you're proud of and what it cost. Thanks! Looking to remove the wall separating our kitchen from living room in our new home. House is 20y old, wall may or may not be load bearing, has no cabinetry or plumbing in the wall. Ideally we'd like to make a big island with some cabinets in it, and room for some stools opposite. We'd be looking at quality over cost, maybe with nice exposed wood beams if it needs to support load, maybe wooden countertops, etc. Not a lot to go on, but I'm mostly looking for the range of costs, including whether it's load bearing or not, so we can think about the timeframe for the reno. I'd like to get it done soon, before we settle in too much, but if the costs will be high, we may have to wait a bit. So, are we looking at around 5k? 10k? 20k?? Not looking for a quote, obviously, but maybe ideas of cost from similar jobs.

Concern: | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Engineered flooring installer

To install engineered flooring in our condo. I shall have the carpets removed including the underlay and be ready for installation. It involves about 800 sq ft /dinningroom living room 2 bedrooms and hallway.

Concern: | Budget: $500 - $1,000

Circular Wooden plant Caddy top

I would like a 30inch in diameter wooden top to make a plant caddy. It needs to be made from joined 2x4's of pressure treated wood, as the caddy will be outside all the time).

Concern: | Budget: $100 - $500

Patio and Deck enclsoing Strucutral engineer service request

1. Project Description The owner of an existing house is looking for structural design and part drawings drafting to enclose one patio (a long wall of 16 feet and a short wall 10 feet or so) and a deck above with the same dimensions. The house is located in Saanich, BC. The owner is requiring structural design services and part drawings drafting for the job scope. 2. Client Request: Provide Structural Engineering to proposed addition/renovation to the existing residence to secure permit for building the additions from the municipality of Saanich. 3. Identified Tasks: a. Review of existing and provided proposed architectural details b. Site review to determine structural issues with existing space. c. Carry out structural review/design and submit construction details for new enclosure. d. Site reviews to confirm construction details. e. Submit Letters of Assurance. Please advise if you can help me? If yes, please let me know what would be the cost and the time frame. If the answer is No, would you refer me to a service provider who can address my needs? Best regards, Ivo

Concern: | Budget: $500 - $1,000

Laminate install

Approx 2100sq feet of 15mm laminate installed.

Concern: | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Paint a house

We are looking to re-paint our house. We want to paint walls and trim (baseboards, door frames, doors and closet doors). It's a 3 bedroom, 2 baths, a kitchen, family room and a living room. Can I please get an estimate quote asap. If you want I can email you the floor plan. Thanks Harman

Concern: | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Bathroom renovation

Replace shower stall, ie base, walls, faucets and doors. Install flooring, vinyl. Install new baseboard heater, fan, mirror and light fixture. Paint. Bathroom 8 x 7.

Concern: | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

House expansion be enclosing, new kitchen, renovate kitchen, bathrooms, new laundry, new entrance, two new doors, new floors

Lower floor work 1. New windows on wall under the wall with the fireplace on the main floor a. may require repositioning of the current electrical panel b. may require repositioning on the power meter, cable and phone utilities; 2. New wall to enclose the existing open space and extend 3 feet forward a. foundations b. walls c. windows as many as technically possible d. entrance door/entrance e. siding f. electrical g. plumbing 3. New dividing wall and door to create 2 rooms at the place of the one, one to be kitchen a. wall b. door c. electrical d. plumbing in one of the rooms where the kitchen will be e. ventilation for the one where the kitchen will be 4. Divide the existing laundry a/ new wall b/ new door c/ plumbing e/ electrical 5. New laundry complete install a/ new wall b/ new door c/ plumbing/venting e/ electrical 6. New dividing door for the entrance 7. Laminate floors everywhere except washroom and laundry roughly 680 sq.f. 8. Painting as needed Main floor 1. Enclose and extend the covered deck as needed to match the lower floor a. remove the existing wall and windows; b. install new wall and windows; c. electrical 2. Hardwood floor in the family room, dining room, new office space and the living room and hallways roughly 953sq.f. a. remove the existing floor; b.install excellent sound proofing barrier 3. Tiles in the kitchen a. remove the existing floor; b. sound proofing 4. refresh the kitchen a. reshape the counter to follow the wall up to the window; b. new counter and sink; c. new appliances d. current sink to go downstairs; e. fridge to go downstairs f. cabinets design to stay, extend to the top with no empty space g. new lights if/as needed; 5. refresh the mast bathroom with new counter, shower cabin and as needed. a. fix the window, may have some humidity issue with the window frame b/new fan c/ new double sink counter and shower; 6. refresh the second bathroom 7. painting

Concern: | Budget: $20,000 - $50,000

Commercial Space

Renovate 450sqft space to eqiup for shwarm food service, incl. refrigeration, food display area etc.

Concern: | Budget: $5,000 - $20,000

Adding a room on top of a garage

I would like to add a bedroom on top of the garage. The house currently is a two story house. A two-car garage extends from one side of the house, level with the first floor. The entire top of the garage is a patio, and the kitchen on the second floor has a door that opens to the patio. I would like to add an extension to the second floor, on top of the garage, in place of part of the patio. I would like to get a rough estimate as a start, for adding a 20 ft x 20 ft extension, comprising a bedroom and a 4 piece bathroom. Thanks

Concern: | Budget: Uncertain

Kitchen Reno - Pass through

Create a 3.5X5 foot pass-through on a kitchen wall in a condo. Non-load bearing, drywall. Light switch will have to be moved about six inches. Install an additional light in dining room ceiling, ideally with the switch in the kitchen on the switch to be moved.

Concern: | Budget: $500 - $1,000

Basement suite

Finishing my basement suite and I am looking for someone to complete the drywall work.

Concern: | Budget: Uncertain

Refinishing and installing flooring

Hello, we would like a quote on refinishing the hardwood flooring in our living room. We would also like a quote on installing hardwood in two bedrooms and a hallway. Thank you.

Concern: | Budget: Uncertain

Laminate flooring installation

I have two rooms and a set of stairs in a split entry 70's house in Langford. One room is 12ft x 9'-3" with a 6ft x 2'-3" closet. One room is 14'-10" x 13'-2" with two closets within those dimensions. The stairs have two 6'-9" x 4'-3" landings and 12 treads. The rest of the house has Kaindl 8mm yellow cedar laminate flooring and we would like to approximately match it. The rooms will be stripped down to bare floors. I need this done this week (November 18-24) while my wife is away. I will need some advice on the best choice for the stairs.

Concern: | Budget: $1,000 - $5,000

Installing and Refinishing

Hi, We would like to have some somenoe come by to have a good look at the hardwood floor that we would like to have refinished and then provide us with a quote. We would also like hardwood installed (we already have the hardwood) in three areas: bedroom one: 9.10 by 18.23 bedroom two: 9.28 by 9.33 hallway: 3.5 by 9

Concern: | Budget: Uncertain

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