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"100% on everything. 100% of the time" Dean's General Contracting (DGC) is a locally owned and operated company in Oxford County. We specialize in residential and small commercial renovations. DGC has completed many different projects in our three years of existence, and we have a very long list of happy customers. Here  read more...

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RR#5, Woodstock ON N4S 7V9

3 Customer Reviews

Rating of 4.9 / 5 from 3 Reviews

4.9 4.9

Dean's General Contracting began operations in 2008 and has received 3 reviews for an overall customer rating of 4.9. The average rating for businesses providing similar services in the Woodstock area is 4.2. Write a review

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Quality of Work Quality 5.0
Timeliness Timeliness 4.7
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Budget Budget 4.7
Communication Communication 5.0
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Main Services Offered

Home Additions

Additions can include anything from garages to bathrooms, kitchens and much more. This category really sums us up as an All-In-One contractor. Whatever the project needs, we will accomplish it with style, timing and reasonable pricing.

General Contracting

We offer a wide range of customized services and organize and hire all the sub-trades. Dean's General Contracting really is a one stop shop for all your building needs.


We install and repair fences both for looks and functionality. From wrought iron to ornamental, from pressure treated wooden fences to chain link.

Other Services Offered


Framing is one of our most prized skills. Although you may not see most of it, this is the structure of the building that everything else is based on. A great frame job will enable the rest of the project to last for years and years. We NEVER cut corners here, and if anything, we overkill it.

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchens are the Number 1 improvement you can make to your home. We can completely revolutionize the way you think about cooking at home. Why eat out when you have a modern kitchen at home that works for you? We spend a lot of time getting to know how you use the kitchen and build around that!


Roofing products are better that they have ever been. We offer many different options and colours to match your house. This integral part of your house is exposed to the harmful rays of the sun and needs to be replaced when it is time. Let us do it for you!


Eaves Troughs have come a long ways in the last decade and we offer seamless runs in up to 100 ft lengths and fully install all trough, outlets, downspouts and brackets. We want to divert the water as far from your house as we can.

Garage Construction

Here is a service that really exemplifies the diversity of our company. From concrete foundation and flooring to framing, roofing, siding, soffit, fascia and eaves trough, we are there the whole way!


Decks and Patios are a great way to spruce up the exterior of the house. This isn't a job for everyone to handle themselves, so call us today for a free written estimate and drawing of how your deck will look!


DGC will excavate and backfill but usually sub contract the forming and pouring of the foundation to a trusted local contractor. We will oversee the foundation process to make certain the rest of the job will go smoothly.


A proper drywall job is crucial to keeping the mudding and sanding to a minimal, minimizing the dust that can carry throughout your home. We at DGC take pride in keeping our mudders happy by installing tight seams.


Insulation is one of the most important sectors of your house or building. This is what keeps the inside at a comfortable temperature while keeping your furnace or A/C from having to work too hard or run too often.


Siding is a great way to enhance the look of your house. We also recommend 3/4 energy board under the siding to keep energy costs down. We offer many colours and styles of siding to meet your individual needs.


Waterproofing is an essential service we offer to help keep your valuables protected from water damage. Often done from the outside, waterproofing can sometimes be done from the inside too. Ask us how!

Concrete Work

Tired of looking at those old unsafe steps? Concrete is a tough product and a tough job to remove. DGC will remove the unwanted concrete and dispose of it in an environmentally sound and sustainable way.


Cracked or broken ceiling? We can fix that water damage in as little as two visits. Need a drop ceiling? We can do that too! Our competitive prices and expert team will complete any job.


Skylights and Sun Tunnels are a great way to let in natural light at any time of day. Because they are in the roof, there aren't many times during they day that they don't collect sunlight.


Laminate flooring is a great looking, long lasting dependable product that can be installed in as little as one day. Laminate can be supplied & installed for as little as $3/sq ft!

Demolition Work

Demolition Services are offered at low prices to enable us to complete the space of your dreams. It's dirty job but we do it quickly and contain the dust as much as possible.

Foundation Repairs

Leaking basement? Don't let those valuables of your be ruined. We can seal your basement from either the outside or inside. For more major repairs, we will advise

Shed Construction

Sheds are a very handy way to store tools and yard machines. Let us customize your shed so you have something nice to look at as well as functional and practical.


Trim work is essential to making a home look its best. Tight fitting corners and joints are a must when it comes to this and at DGC we cut to fit everything.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in your house. We can create a space here that is both functional and beautiful without breaking the bank.

Basement Renovations

Basement Finishing is a great way to expand the space you already have! Turn that unused area into somewhere that you will enjoy spending time.

Windows and Doors

We are expert installers of most types of new windows and doors. We can even change the size of the opening to accommodate a new window or door.

Overview Continued


"100% on everything. 100% of the time"

Dean's General Contracting (DGC) is a locally owned and operated company in Oxford County. We specialize in residential and small commercial renovations. DGC has completed many different projects in our three years of existence, and we have a very long list of happy customers. Here is a company that will prove by doing, not by saying they will. We offer a 100% Guarantee on all Workmanship. We have done everything from basement foundation repairs, right up through complete garages!

We have also: Built Ornamental Wrought Iron Fences, Pressure Treated Wooden Fences, Chain Link Fences, Wooden Decks, Cement Patios, Retaining Walls, Concrete Pads, Concrete Walkways, Concrete Driveway, Concrete Stairs, Wooden Stairs, Sheds, Complete Siding Jobs including Soffit, Fascia and Eaves Troughs.

We have also done Complete Interior Renovations, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements.

DGC has installed laminate flooring, vinyl and even some carpet.

The list continues to grow as we add more and more projects with satisfied customers to our past and we constantly look towards the future, staying in touch with the most up to date practices and methods available.

Additional Information

Main contact(s) C.J. Dean
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2011
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty No
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 2008
Offers financing No
24 Hour emergency service Yes
Legal structure Sole Proprietor
Licensing information Contact Dean's General Contracting to request licensing info.
Insurance information Insurance information available upon request

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