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Durham Kitchens & Renovations

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Company Overview

Durham Kitchens and Renovations is a full-service residential renovation and design company, specializing in custom Kitchens, Bathrooms and Home Remodelling. Our goal is to discover your taste, style and budget and create a perfect design solution for your renovation project, all within the comfort of your own home!


Servicing the DURHAM REGION: Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Brooklin, Port Perry, Bowmanville. YORK REGION: Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham and the GREATER TORONTO AREA.


Services Offered

Bathroom Renovations, Cabinetry and Millwork, Carpentry, Countertops, Floor Heating, Flooring, Interior Design, Kitchen Renovations, Tiling

Location and Coverage Area

Address: 15 Baldwin Street, Suite B, Whitby ON L1M 1A2 | Service area: 40KM

Additional Information

Residential work: Yes 24hr service: Yes Legal structure: Incorporated

Commercial work: Yes Accepts credit cards: Yes Year started: 2006

Offers financing: No Employees: 4

Main Contact(s): Paul Lucyk

Licensing Information: Contact Durham Kitchens & Renovations to request licensing info.

Insurance Information: Contact Durham Kitchens & Renovations to request insurance details.

Check local laws pertaining to license requirements and verify license and insurance details provided by the contractor prior to hiring.

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