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rating 4.8
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 4 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Feb 13 2015

from Mississauga

Bathroom Renovation

I was very pleased with the work done by Madikade Construction.

Their attention to detail was remarkable and resulted in a lovely new bathroom.

They were also unobtrusive, cleaned up extremely as they went and were very pleasant to deal with.

Highly recommended!

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Dec 9 2014

from Hamilton

Finished Basement

We chose to hire Madikade Construction to complete our unfinished basement after meeting with several different contractors. We found Kurtis very professional, honest and trust worthy. His quote was competitive and he did his best to give us the best quality product while keeping us within budget. He was very easy to worth with, listened to any concerns we had and always made sure we were happy with all the work. If we ever had any questions or concerns he was quick to address them and was on top of things to the point that we would notice something we wanted to talk to him about and before we had the chance he'd already have it fixed! He was also very flexible with us in allowing us to complete portions of the project like painting on our own and didn't complain that we were holding up the project because we weren't able to get things done as fast as they would have been if he had just done it.

We have three young boys and Kurtis and his team were always very friendly with them and entertained all their questions with a smile. His team was very courteous always laying down a drop sheet before walking through the house and being sure to clean up everything after themselves.

Kurtis is extremely knowledgeable and knows how to do things so that the final product comes out fantastic. He is great with communicating everything and if we sent an email we knew he'd have an answer for us in less than 24 hours.

We are extremely happy with the finished product and wouldn't hesitate in hiring them again for future projects!

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Aug 12 2014

from Ancaster

Installed New Supporting I Beam and Crown Moulding

These guys did a great job. We took on a kitchen reno by ourselves and need help with some of the bigger components of the project. They were in and out quickly and they were very picky about the details of the job. On the day they installed my metal I beam, it was getting late and the Foreman Ryan sent out one of the guys to get straighter 4x4s for an outside corner. I told him the ones they had were fine and he told me "That's not how we do things. It will be done right" he turned to his guy and told him to go. They cleaned everything up and were super nice guys and fair in price. They even sourced a gas fitter for me when my other one bailed on me last minute.

I would use these guys in a heart beat again

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Jun 27 2014

from Hamilton

Kitchen Renovation

Pam and Jack from Stoney Creek. An excellent job in all aspects. Everything done in a timely efficient manner. Quality of work outstanding. Kurtis is a very good communicator with top quality employees. We were very pleased with the results and would heartily recommend Madiikade for any construction project.

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rating 4.5
Quality of Work 4 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 4 Communication 4 Courteous 5
Posted: Apr 27 2014

from St Catharines

Main Support Beam Replacement in House

My experience working with this company was excellent. All members of the team were hard working and very polite. All my questions and concerns were answered. I would recommend this company to anyone that wants good work and honest workers.

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Apr 23 2014

from Ancaster

Flooring Demo and Install

Kurtis responded in ten minutes after I posted my job on Trusted Pros and I am so glad he had a cancellation and could do my job within days of my posting. I went on a little vacation while they ripped out about 400 sq ft of ceramic tile that was over mesh that had been stapled down every 2 inches with 2 inch nails, then they installed hardwood flooring and baseboards. Kurtis and his team did an excellent job. I am renovating to sell my house and Kurtis had many great suggestions for me and even did some extra little things I was not expecting.

I would highly recommend Madikade Construction.

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rating 4.8
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 4 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Mar 28 2014

from Waterdown

Wall Installation, Closet Demolition

Kurtis and his team were spot on from the first day. His personal touch and professional team were always on time and worked quickly and effiiciently. I would not hesitate to hire them again and refer the team to my contacts in the future.

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Feb 4 2014

from Hamilton

Roof & Attic Inspection

Kurtis at Madikade did a roof and attic inspection for me on a house I was in the process of buying. He was the first company to contact me through Trusted Pros and the communication stayed quick and informative throughout our business together (which was great because I had a SHORT time frame).

He took his time with me and my agent, answering all our questions patiently and in detail ... and we had a LOT of questions! He went the extra mile checking into the little things as well as our main concern of course. He was open about some fixes that I could easily do myself instead of hiring a company - I really liked this because he didn't take that opportunity to trying to sell me something - which many other companies seem to do.

I would definitely recommend this company based on this one 3 hour experience: prompt, respectful, informative and communicative! I've already "favourited" them on this site and will be keeping them in mind for future renovations.

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Jun 28 2012


As an Interior Designer and over 15 years experience in the business...from Vancouver to the GTA, I can honestly say that Kurtis from Madikade is the creme de la creme of contractors. I have worked with Kurtis both on client projects and personal projects...most of them very detailed and I can not say enough great things about Kurtis and his crew. Their work ethic, honesty, efficient use of time and money, and quality of construction is more than what a designer or a client could ever ask for. As an Interior Designer, I premise my business on working with contractors and trade professionals that are reputable, trustworthy, and offer superior workmanship....the client is always first and it is important that the team working for the client understands that. Madikade construction fits that bill! Well done Kurtis and Kudos to Madikade Construction!

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Jun 11 2012

from Oakville

Drywalling Jobs

My husband and I purchased a older house in Oakville Ont to gut and make it a home. My husband has done most of the work himself but understands when to take a back seat and let a professional step in and help. This is where Kurtis and Luke at Madikade Construction came to the rescue!!

My husband gutted the house and has put everything back in order up to the mudding and taping of the drywall. This is where we ran into a problem. The house is all plaster, even the crown moulding so once he started pulling walls down it is hard to find a stopping point because everything cracked or crumbled down around him. There were a couple of areas where he left the plaster in place but the new drywall butting up against the old plaster was a mess and he had no idea how to fix it. There were joints where old met new that was out about 3/4 to 1 inch. My husband started waving the white flag and turned to Handy Canadian to see if he could get some help. Not having any experience mudding or taping drywall or fixing this new drywall to old plaster mess any advice would help. My husband posted the job on Handy Canadian. We had a couple of people come out to the house to give us a quote. Majority of people said that we needed to rip down the old plaster and drywall the areas we left. We said we didn't want to do that because there was nothing wrong with the plaster walls that we left up and the contractors almost doubled the price of the original quote. This happened 3 times.

Frustrated with the cost and advice from these so called contractors that couldn't even supply a couple of references, my husband setup one last appointment with Madikade Construction.

What a breath of fresh air !!! Kurtis call my husband @ about 3:00 p.m on a Tuesday and was at the house about 1 hour later.

Kurtis showed up right on time . He took a look around and measured up the project in no time. He gave my husband solid advice on different ways he could of hung the drywall to minimize some of the joints, but all and all he said a job well done for a DIY'er. Kurtis looked at the transitions points from the drywall to plaster and with no hesitation said " No problem, that's nothing" we started laughing because every other person said it was a huge issue. Kurtis said that his right hand man Luke has been dry walling for over 30 years and could fix these joints in his sleep. Kurtis called my husband that night to give him a quote, it was a lot better then what others quoted and said Luke could start 7:00 am the next morning!!

We thought we were dreaming. Kurtis gave us his insurance info and 3 references to call that night.

Luke showed up @ 6;45 a.m the next morning and start working right away. We could not believe how fast and efficient this was all taking place. Luke would put in full days and once it was time to head out he would clean the entire space so we didn't have to sit in drywall dust or plaster at night.

If this wasn't enough to our surprise Kurtis would show up in the evening to see the progress and see if we had any question.

We couldn't ask for a more professional team to deal with.

Luke worked his magic and amazed us on how smooth and flat all the joints turned out. This guy is truly amazing at what he does.

On the last day Luke was there he told us he would be back after we primed all the walls just to give it a once over and make sure everything was perfect.

Later that night we got a knock on the door and a guy named Austin that works for Madikade Construction said he was there to give the house a good cleaning and get rid of any extra dust. My husband looked at him like he was joking !!! Again we were amazed at how much pride Madikade Construction takes in making their customers happy.

Luke and Kurtis both came back to see if everything met my husbands standards after the walls were primed. They didn't have to do any touch-ups because they did a perfect job.

Luke, Kurtis and Austin are the most friendly hard working guys that we have done business with. The best part of the whole process is that Kurtis and his team came through on every promise they made and even more. They were the best priced, professional and most of all honest.

Thanks again Madikade Construction for helping us transform just a home in to our dream home.

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rating 5
Quality of Work 5 Timeliness 5 Cleanliness 5 Budget 5 Communication 5 Courteous 5
Posted: Feb 7 2012

from Oakville

22 Foot LVL Beam Installation

Don't waste your time with other contractors Kurtis at Madikade Construction Inc is your guy!!

I was looking for a contractor to quote me on installing a 22 foot LVL beam in my 4 level side-split home to remove a structural wall to open up my main floor.

I wanted to do my due diligence in trying to find a contractor to do the work and give me the proper advice on how to tackle the project.

I'm the type of person that knows how to swing a hammer but when it came to 22 foot structural change I thought I would leave it to a professional so I turned to Handy Canadian.

I posted my project and the calls/e-mails started to come in 5 minutes later. I arranged for 3-4 contractors to come out and quote me on the project. Each of them told me something different, get a permit don't get a permit, get a engineer don't get a engineer some even quoted me without even looking in the attic or going in the basement to see what the structural wall was sitting on and just shouted out a price about 20 minutes after they got there. Some didn't even show up at all.

I was at my wits end at this point and about to giving up. But that's when I received a call from Kurtis at Madikade Construction Inc. Kurtis told me that he could come out the next night and take a look at the job and see what need to be done. The next night Kurtis showed up right on time. Kurtis took his time to asses what needed to be done, he was in the attic, on ladders, in the basement had his flashlight going. I was really impressed how thorough he assessed the project and better yet he explained step by step to me what he thought need to be done. Kurtis was at my place for about 1 1/2 hours and said that he will be in touch in a couple of days to have his engineer do the drawings for the project.

Drawings were done in 2 days and quote in hand on the 3rd day. I couldn't believe how fast this was all happening. Kurtis came back out to my house to review the drawings with me and sign the contract and setup a date to start the work. It just so happened that Kurtis had a opening to start in 2 days. Again I couldn't believe how fast this was going to happen. Monday morning 7:00 a.m came and Kurtis and his partner Luke were standing at my front door with 3, 22 foot LVL beams sitting on a truck ready to start working. How these guys got those 22 foot beams so fast I don't know but I knew from that point I was in good hands.

Kurtis and Luke wasted no time at all, these guys got right to work! They worked all day prepping for the beam instillation. They cleaned up at the end of the day better then it was before they even began. The second day Kurtis and Luke were at my house @ 6:00 am. Amazing !!! They got the LVL beam installed to the exact specification of the engineers stamped drawings. Before Kurtis and Luke left after the second day, they walked around the house with me and gave me great advice on other projects in my home reno that I'm taking on myself. They supplied my with name of products and show me the proper way of tackling things .. Again Amazing! These guys did a fantastic job!!!

Right from the first phone call they were nothing short of professional. They were on time , clean, informative, well priced and most of all honest!!

People... if you are reading this and looking for a honest contractor that can do it all... Look no further and call Kurtis at Madikade Construction Inc.

I'm just a normal guy that bought a old house looking to do a reno and needed some help.

Thanks again Fellas


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Company Overview

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The absolute highest quality of workmanship, specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, additions, decks and fences. We believe all jobs must be considered, and therefore, never is a job too big or small.

From concept to completion, our extreme attention to detail sets us apart from the competition. Over 40 references provided with contract proposals. Fully licensed and insured.

The company consists of four drywall/acoustic technicians and four framing and finish carpenters, along with a solid family of subtrades who have worked hand in hand for over 20 years.

When in your home, we treat your family as if they're our own. Providing your family with a comfortable living arrangement while we are renovating your home means a great deal to us. We know having your home renovated can create a lot of unwanted stress, so at Madikade, our goal is to make it a stress-free renovation experience!


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Architectural Design, Awnings, Basement Lowering, Basement Renovations, Bathroom Renovations, Bathtub Refinishing, Cabinetry and Millwork, Carpentry, Carpeting, Caulking, Ceiling, Central Vacuums, Closet and Storage, Commercial Renovations, Concrete Work, Countertops, Decks, Design Build, Drywalling, Electrical, Excavation Services, Fencing, Fireplaces, Floor Heating, Floor Refinishing, Flooring, Foundation Repairs, Foundations, Framing, Garage Construction, General Contracting, Gutters, Handyman Services, Heating & Air Conditioning, Home Additions, Home Construction, Home Inspection, Home Restoration, Home Theaters, Insulation, Interior Design, Kitchen Renovations, Landscaping, Masonry, Mold Removal, Non Slip Treatments, Painting, Plumbing, Roofing, Sheds & Gazebos, Siding, Skylights, Structural Engineering, Sunrooms, Tiling, Wallpapering, Water Heating, Water Treatment, Waterproofing, Window Treatment, Windows and Doors

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Address: 353 Millen Road, Stoney Creek ON L8E 2H3 | Service area: 200KM

Additional Information

Residential work: Yes 24hr service: No Legal structure: Incorporated

Commercial work: Yes Accepts credit cards: No Year started: 2005

Offers financing: No Employees: 8

Main Contact(s): Kurtis Soulier, 905-930-9789

Licensing Information: Licensing information available upon request

Insurance Information: This information is available to registered members only. Click here.

Check local laws pertaining to license requirements and verify license and insurance details provided by the contractor prior to hiring.

4.9 rating
4.9 / 5 from 11 Reviews | Write a Review
Overall Rating Summary
Quality of Work Quality 4.9
Timeliness Timeliness 4.9
Cleanliness Cleanliness 4.9
Stayed on Budget Budget 4.9
Communication Communication 4.9
Courteous Courteous 5
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Madikade Construction Inc. was awarded Best of TrustedPros in 2014 for General Contracting in Stoney Creek.

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