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I have worked for years in the new home building process and in warranty repair for the home owners from interior to exterior. I offer home repairs for those jobs that never seem to get done, or even fixing all those items you need to put your house up for sale. I offer deck repairs and installation, plus siding repairs. I offer small repai  read more...

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Main Services Offered

Handyman Services

I offer a variety of services in the home,there are many areas that you need done, those small jobs that you cannot find anyone to do, from siding to doors and other items you may have. If you need arch ways over your sidewalk to have the downspouts moved so not to trip or have icing issues.


If your deck needs work or replacement we can change or add or even rebuild or repair to original. If you do not have any deck and want a new one, we can design one that will suit you needs. There is many ways to build and we will offer the best for your needs and budget.

Windows and Doors

I do add storm doors, I do adjustment on doors and replace worn weather stripping, on window I redow caulking and or replace screens that have been damaged or torn.

Other Services Offered


I will do tile repairs on back splashes and or on the floor as long as here is tile in the home so the colors match, or it can be replaced with other tile as needed, I do recaulk tile to prevent water leakage in shower areas and around sinks and counter tops and floors.


I can install fences, and repair fences if they have been damaged in some way, I like to use 6x6 posts on fences as they give the most durability and the least amount of twisting. I also instal arch ways for evestroughs and for gates and add gates for existing fences.


I do redo or add caulking ot bathrooms and kitchens and also redo if needed around windows and doors, also I will redo or add caulking around tile if it is seperating or there is none. I also add caulking to exterior penitrations if worn out.


We offer insulating garages and basementswe also dor fixing insulation issues in the home and or basement, we will investigate and repair what is needed around windows doors and even along baseboards that frost up in the winter.


I can install and frame a shed for you and or build a package shed for you. I also reframe repairs to damages and or water damaged framing on your house. We frame basements for development and replace damaged framing.

Central Vacuums

I can install central vacs to the basement and or garage, if the rough ins in the house has been installed at construction stage before hand, I also can install rough ins in basements that are undeveloped.


If you need the base boads and or trim around doors or windows repaired or replaced or even upgraded, I can change or repair as needed. We also frame in basements and reframe walls from water damage.


Siding holes can be repaired with new siding if the color is available, but if it has pulled away I will reinstall and secure the siding again, I will install siding on garages or sheds.


Repair small drywall problems from cracks to holes in the wall . we also add drywall to basments and garages, we will mud and tape the drywall to paint stage if required.

Garage Doors

We can repair garage doors in small adjustments or releveling and or other issues that may come up and repalce weather strippin on sides and bottoms of garage doors or frame.

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Overview Continued


I have worked for years in the new home building process and in warranty repair for the home owners from interior to exterior.

I offer home repairs for those jobs that never seem to get done, or even fixing all those items you need to put your house up for sale.

I offer deck repairs and installation, plus siding repairs.

I offer small repairs in dry wall and painting, and fixing floor creaks.

I also do repairs in baseboard and door and window trim and or relacement.

I also do exterior door repair and or removal and replacement, and I also do downspout, and tile repair.

We offer storm door installation.

Best of TrustedPros Awards

Best of TrustedPros 2013

R&R Randy's Repair was awarded Best of TrustedPros in 2013 for Handyman Services in High River.

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Main contact(s) Randy Tenz
Alternate Phone Numbers 403-874-4552,
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2012
Residential work Yes
Commercial work Yes
Warranty Warranty details not yet provided
Accepts credit cards No
Year established 2012
Offers financing No
24 Hour emergency service No
Legal structure Sole Proprietor
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