Solar panals for heating hot water??

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Posted by: from Fredericton
8/19/2008 at 7:15:00 PM

We just purchased our home in January-but that's a whole other story :(

anyways, the heat source we have is electric hot water heat-great heat but expensive (montly power bill in the cold months of about 550-600-as opposed to about 175-200 during the warmer months....we're looking at putting in some solar panals to heat the hot water, thus lowering our montly power bill by having the solar panals heating the water....just looking to see if anybody knows anything about this kind of thing??

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Date/Time12/16/2008 at 10:16:12 AM

Hi Crystal..........My name is Mark Krzywicki and I represent company Bomar Energy Inc.

Bomar Energy Inc. is renewable energy company and we are able to consult and design a system/s for your renewable energy needs. Please visit for more info or call our office @ 1.866.464.8503 and one of our technicians will be glad to discuss our services with you.

Let me suggest Solar Water Heater Appliance by ............ Which Bomar Energy Inc. is authorized dealer/installer.

All Bomar Energy Inc. products qualify for Governmental Incentives. Bomar Energy Inc. provides financing.

In a typical household, water heating accounts for 25% of the energy used and produces an average of two tons of green house gas emissions annually. With the Bomar Energy Inc. residential solar water heating appliances, renewable energy from the sun is used to heat your water instead, providing a clean, cost-effective residential solution. The Bomar Energy Inc. system is the only CSA-certified solar thermal appliance.

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Hasan from Eco Touch in North York
Date/Time4/28/2009 at 9:37:05 PM

Hi Crystal..........My name is hasan

renewable energy has been around for a long time as a member of CANSIA my company is on board on changing the way we use energy. Besides solar hotwater heating there is also a drain recovery system, this type of system also can recive a rebate for the ontario goverment. Do a google search and type drain back systems to find out more about these sytems then when you are ready to talk to us we will be glad to help you on your solar needs here is what the system looks like. Call us @ 416 521-5285 and ask for henry or email

Solar panals for heating hot water??
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Date/Time1/26/2011 at 1:08:49 AM

Dear Crystal:

We have used solar on a few projects in Canada as a "pre-heat" .

The solar panels dont provide all the heating required 12 months a year so the solar takes the incoming cold water and "pre-heats" it into storage tank. We then use electric or natural gas "hot-water on demand" units like BAXI to ramp the temperature up to the required level. This hybrid system is both practical and cost effective.



I am an architect. Live in Vancouver but grew up in NB.

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Prabha from Atticare Insulation in Toronto
Date/Time7/22/2011 at 7:25:52 PM

BTW, there is a government rebate program in place upto 1250 for installing solar water heater and also drain water heat recovery system.

if you need help with it. you can contact me or also can visit the government website

thank you


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