Door installation breach of contract?

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Posted by: from Toronto
1/30/2016 at 9:37:04 PM

Hello Everyone,

Late last year, I booked a highly reviewed and regarded door installation company on HomeStars. I picked some very specific options for my door and even had it noted in pre-sales e-mails and on the invoice. I was reassured that these options would be accommodated.

When the door was delivered these options were missing.

The initial story was that the factory missed the option - so the door manufacturer (not installer) upgraded some of the parts as a warranty service call. However, these parts were still not to my specification as noted on the sales contract. Not only that, the new upgraded parts in fact work WORSE than the original basic parts.

After a few rounds of discussions with the door manufacturer and door installation company, now say that the options weren't even available for sale in the first place! The door installer has only offered me nominal discount, basically removing the invoiced line item. However, the door installation company made the sale because they were able to offer the upgraded parts. I would not have went with them otherwise.

Coles notes version w/ analogy:

1. Ordered a V6 w/ Turbocharger as noted on sales contract - upgrade priced at $100

2. Delivered a V4

3. Manufacturer replaces with V6, and says turbocharger option not available. V6 performs WORSE than the V4...

4. Installer offers nominal discount to call it a day... (-$100)

What should I do? I was dead set on the option - it was a crucial factor in the sale. This seems to breach of contract?

I'm still withholding a sizable portion of the final payment.

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James from Jaycar Homes in Calgary
Date/Time1/31/2016 at 2:02:44 AM

I hate to say this, but it sounds like all 3 of you are at fault.

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Lucas in Toronto
Date/Time1/31/2016 at 7:24:48 PM

How am I responsible when the requirement is stated clearly on the invoice and agreed to by the salesperson?

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Dexy in Ontario
Date/Time7/18/2016 at 6:00:07 AM

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