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Windows and doors, however ambiguous they may seem, are the centerpiece of your home's exterior. Providing a tremendous amount of design personality to the façade, many potential buyers can be turned away immediately by the style and placement of windows as well as the type of door. But beyond just giving the exterior character, the windows and doors also serve the all-important function of being the front line of your home's security. So how you want to design these things is dependent on two things: what do you want your house to say, and how safe is it for the occupants?

Need a Door? Think of the Material.

Doors are probably the simpler of the two when it comes to figuring out which one you want to install. Many exterior doors are built out of wood, so it's the kind of wood you have to do your research on. Oak has long been a popular choice for doors as it is plentiful around the world, strong enough to withstand impacts of any kind, and yet light enough for easy installation. If you want to go a little bit more upper class, cherry is another great option. Cherry wood has a darker grain and is also much heavier, giving you that much extra security.

Putting in Windows? Think of the Placement.

Windows, on the other hand, are a lot more complicated. Knowing the placement of your windows is necessary if you are building a custom house. Height, both of the window itself as well as distance from the ground, is something to be taken into consideration. Large windows are great if you are in a safe neighborhood with many neighbors willing to look out after you. They also let in a tremendous amount of natural light—an appealing feature for buyers. But large windows can also give potential robbers as well as nosy neighbors a look inside where you don't want them.

There are many ways to combat this. Curtains are obviously a great option as they give the room a sense of style while also help you maintain your privacy. Some homes also choose to get their windows tinted, which is a great option for temperature control. Many contractors and window specialists are available to help you determine the best spots to place your windows.

Decor Options Aplenty!

Placement and material are not the only things you can do to give windows and doors personality. There are also all sorts of different decorative things you can do. For doors, the obvious option is to install a door knocker. Many different types of door knockers are available depending on what kind of a first impression you want to give first-time visitors and potential buyers. With windows, you can have them designed with special panes which give them a distinct shaped. Circular windows are also becoming quite popular in many homes, especially on upper floor and in sunrooms. The options are seemingly endless: look around and see what you might like!

As the eyes and entryway into the home, windows and doors are more than a functional feature necessary for inhabitable structures. They are nearly as important to the aesthetic appeal of interior and exterior design as the structure itself. Present design trends include narrower framing on half moon, round-top, and similar shaped windows, and two-tone color options for grilles-between-the-glass window styles. While painted finishes on interior doors are increasingly popular, the favored trend for both windows and doors remain energy efficient solutions, and eco-friendly options using wood materials harvested from responsibly managed forests.

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