roofing and siding

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Posted by: from Coquitlam
2/2/2008 at 8:02:25 PM


I am currently researching what we want on our house in terms of the outside.

Roofing: Shingles? or Metal?

Sides: siding? or stucco

We really want quality and low maintanence


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Miroslaw from Mirko Construction in Oakville
Date/Time2/3/2008 at 1:20:42 AM

Roofing- definitly metal if you never want to move or repair or replace your roof.

Exterior- Definitly Stucco as you can create so many different looks. Siding has two: horizontal or vertical. Stucco you have so many options. Also the R value that you will be adding to your home exterior is amazing.

6 R value per square inch of insulation and usually 2" insulation should be used. Noise reduction, heat loss reduction and beauty. Make sure you hire a reputable installer for both projects as many people take shortcuts to save on materials and labor. If you notice in your local real estate book : more stucco& stone homes are selling first. Almost forgot: stucco is a 100% maintance free product and will last a life time if installed properly.

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Miroslaw from Mirko Construction in Oakville
Date/Time2/3/2008 at 1:30:48 AM

I wanted to inform you of a rebate the canadian goverment is giving to people when they improve the energy efficiancy of their home. For exterior insulation its about $1500.00 . it may not seem like much but if you are doing other home improvements than you can receive up to $5000.00 back. Just for renovating your home! You must go to the EcoCanada web site and look at the rebates and the eco audit.

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Date/Time2/7/2008 at 9:51:39 AM

Hi Julie,

I would definately agree with the previous answer in regards to siding. I am a decorative concrete contractor and we have amazing vertical options. This is not a pitch, just making you aware of an option. Vertical concrete, like stucco has so many colour and style options as well as being seamless. If there is a contractor in your area you may want to ask some questions. You can also feel free to contact me for any info.

Good Luck,


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George from Dos Stone in Gormley
Date/Time3/9/2008 at 11:04:52 PM

Hi Julie,

For exterior I'll recomend Thin Sone Veneer<

life time warranty,maintance free.It's very durable with no effects by natural elements.

It's lightweght and no need for costly foundation or footings. Stone veneer can be used in combination with stucco.

Make a statement of elegance and prestige with natural stone.

Good luck,


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Date/Time6/14/2009 at 2:08:49 AM

Stucco, stone, costs are more than siding.

Stucco, however, must be installed on top of a rain screened surface to prevent moisture build-up. Westcoast (Vancouver) most leaky-condo's were stucco, and poorly done, with no rainscreen.

Vinyl siding is cheapest, and only requires a light soapy wash every year or two to keep it looking new.

Cedar siding needs repeated staining (every 4-5 years), and once wood decay sets in, it is difficult to reverse.

Fibre-cement siding is very durable, costs more than vinyl, less than stucco, I think a certain coffee/donut chain uses it a lot on exteriors. It does dent, however, and repairs are very difficult, and therefore costly, much like the old aluminum siding.

In this photo, you see a number of exterior finishes including, vertical fibre-cement, horizontal vinyl, and cultured stone. The vinyl (material) is around $1.50/sq. ft., the fibre-cement, $ 2/sq. ft., and the stone around $7/sq. ft. The vinyl went up the quickest and doesn't require paint, the cement siding (and wood trim) took much longer, and requires painting, usually 2 or 3 coats, and the stone was the most tedious work, but requires absolutely no maintenance, but we did have to prepare the walls with rainscreen.

PS> Regarding stucco on foam insulation. We just had to rip apart a building where they applied stucco over 2 layers of 1/2 inch white styrofoam. The rot in the wood frame under the stucco and styrofoam was so bad, the wood was black and gooey. We replaced framing with pressure-treated lumber, covered it with building paper, then strips of pressure-treated rainscreen, followed by fibre-cement panel siding. The new stucco will be applied over that surface. Rain and moisture shall never penetrate again.

roofing and siding

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