Floor protection

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Posted by: from Edmonton
7/23/2011 at 10:25:32 AM

We would like to protect our new floor when we are renovating our kitchen. What product do you recommend and where can we purchase it?



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Andrew Taylor from ATH Interiors in Whitby
Date/Time7/23/2011 at 1:09:33 PM

hi there,

if your floor is wood then i would either a painters drop cloth or something that breaths, allowing the new floor underneath to breath also. if its tile or stone then a plastic sheet or tarp would work well. it also depends on the type of construction going on above it and what the floor has to withstand.All the above mentioned items can be purchased at a home depot, lowes or local hardware store.

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Dave in Oshawa
Date/Time8/5/2011 at 11:55:41 AM

Hi Sharon,

In addition to what Andrew said, you may want to look at heavier protection. I agree that you want something that breathes for wood floors, but cardboard will give you more protection than a cloth sheet. You can find "fresh" cardboard from various suppliers online or from moving companies. You can also get creative and ask around at big box stores. Moving blankets are also good, so is old carpeting (laid upside down) provided you tape the edges to keep them from becoming a trip hazzard for workers. If you want to get fancy, you can purchase flooring underlayment (1/4" thick plywood) at your local building centre and put that down, but it will come at a cost of course.

~ Dave

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Date/Time8/7/2011 at 1:12:20 PM

Hi. I would definately go as far as adding 1/4" sheets. YOU DO NOT WANT TO DAMAGE the wood flooring. However, if you go to your lumber yard - in the roofing section you will find heavy roll paper. It looks like thin cardboard but it is in a large roll 3' wide X 50'. You can use this on any floor to add sufficient protection.

Good luck

Paul -

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Mark from JMH Canada in Mississauga
Date/Time8/18/2011 at 2:55:28 PM

The Best thing you can purchase is either foam padding you can buy a large roll at Home Depot for 100 and use that .... or what we typically is a thin foam roll which we purchased from fabric land it is worth spending the extra money and not ruining your floor

Best of Luck


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