If a commercially zoned space is renovated without permits can it legally be rented out?

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Posted by: from Kitchener
10/7/2013 at 12:42:21 PM

Is it legal to renovate a commercial space without a permit and then rent it out legally? If not what are the repercussions?

Can you direct me to someone who would have this answer if you do not have an opinion on this issue.

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Date/Time10/7/2013 at 1:09:21 PM

Hi Amy,

It depends how much work and what type of work was involved for the renovations done.

You could still rented out without any issues as long as the work has been done through a certified contractor and it is safe to use the facility.

Hope that's would help.



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Date/Time10/7/2013 at 2:35:31 PM

Unless a renovation is strictly cosmetic in nature, you must have a building permit for a commercial space. If you move walls or add plumbing you must have a permit. Kitchen cabinet replacement where plumbing is not moved, does not require a permit for example.

The municipality mainly wants to ensure that life safety systems are not compromised by the renovation. The liability for this remains with the property owner not the renter. If the municipality were to find major faults in the work that was renovated without a permit, they may render the space uninhabitable until the deficiencies were corrected. The municipality can insist that the owner take whatever steps are necessary to uncover work to prove that it was done according to code.

Our firm was involved in a situation like this and the owner spent approx. $50.000.00 to satisfy the building inspector since he built without a permit.

Because of this extreme liability, our firm refuses to do any renovation work without a building permit.

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Date/Time12/14/2013 at 2:03:07 PM

Hi Amy,

In real world people try all short cuts and its ok till every thing is running smooth.

If some thing happens down the road and some one is badly injured and or died that is where the problem starts.

Insurance company will be the first to run away as the work had no permits, renters are never and has no responsibility for the property other then their content which you are not concerned. One has to live with sword hanging over them day and night, who would like to stay in that fear for life.

As mentioned in the earlier post by others better to do it the legal way it might cost you a more $ and time but will have peace of mind for life. Even if the work is done 100% as it was done with permit still they will find one small item to escape and ALL Liabilities will come on the owners shoulder.

Hope this will help.

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