The Comprehensive Guide To Home Renovations Large and Small
Home Renovation Guide - Printable Forms

Printable Forms

The following printable forms have been included for your convenience:

  • Universal Home Design Checklist
  • Contractor Reference Checklist
  • Contractor Selection Checklist
  • Contract Content Checklist

Universal Home Design Checklist

Is your home a “lifetime” home; one that will meet the needs of each family member for the duration of their life – regardless of age or physical ability? A home with universal design creates a safe environment with adapting features that will benefit all persons.

Use the handy checklist below to determine how universal design friendly your home is, and what can be done to make it more so.

The kitchen is located near the door where groceries are brought into the house    
The kitchen floor has a non-slip surface floor using one-sided tape rugs are non-slip or are attached to the floor using one-sided tape    
There is a fire extinguisher in the kitchen in an easy-to-reach place    
There is at least one kitchen counter that is only 36-inches high with knee space underneath    
Cabinets have u-shaped handles lower cabinets have slide out shelves    
There is a Lazy Susan to reach difficult to access things stored on deep shelves    
Drawers have special easy-slide hardware    
Counter edges are a contrasting color and are rounded    
Counters are at a height that can be used while sitting    
Counters have leg space underneath    
Sink hot and cold water controls are located on the side    
Sinks have lever faucet handles, and anti-scald devices    
Sinks have leg space underneath    
The refrigerator is a side-by-side model regular refrigeration on one side, and freezer space on the other    
There is a wall oven at a convenient height    
Oven doors swing to the side    
The microwave has a touch pad, with a heat-resistant counter nearby    
Appliances have push-button controls    
The stove has clearly marked controls located on the front    
Traffic areas throughout the house are wide enough for wheelchair use    
All doors have lever handles    
All light switches are easy push rocker style    
There is a garbage disposal    
There is a trash compactor    
There is a bedroom on the ground floor    
There is a walk-in closet wide enough for a wheelchair    
The shower is a walk-in    
There is a hand-held shower head    
There is a bath seat in the shower    
There is enough space to transfer from a wheelchair to the toilet    
There is a bathroom on the ground floor    
There are grab bars near the bathtub and toilet    
There is a slip-proof transfer bench near the bathtub    
There is an elevated toilet or toilet seat    
There is a phone in the bathroom    
Phones have a high volume ring and large keypads    
Smoke detectors have strobe lights    
Electrical outlets are 27-inches off the floor    
The house uses increased wattage light bulbs, with uniform lighting throughout    
Steps are a contrasting color from the surrounding area    
Stairways have handrails on both sides    
Stairways have a slip-resistant surface    
Doorways are wide enough for a walker or wheelchair    
Floors are slip-resistant    
Area rugs are slip-proof, or held in place with double sided tape    
Carpet has low pile, and a firm pad    
The front door features a ramp with handrails on both sides    
There is an automatic garage door opener    
The driveway is smooth, but not slippery    

Contractor Reference Checklist

Use the handy checklist below when making contact with contractor references; previous customers who can provide valuable insight. Not only in regards to the contractor’s skills, but also how easy the contractor was to work with, how reliable they were, how well they communicated throughout the project, and how well they adhered to the contract.

Name of contractor: _________________________________________________________________

Company name:  ___________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________  Tele. #: ________________

Reference Name: _____________________________________________ Tele. #: _______________

Date Contacted: ____/_____/200__

What work did the reference have done?
When was the work completed?
How did the reference hear about this contractor?

Did the reference interview other contractors before hiring this one? Yes   No

If yes, why was this contractor chosen?___________________________________________________

What responsibilities did this contractor have for the project? __________________________________

What was the best aspect of working with this contractor?____________________________________

Would the reference ever hire this contractor again? Yes    No

If no – why? ______________________________________________________________________

Fill in using the following rating system: = poor / = fair / = good / = excellent

Quality of work    
Ease to work with    
Kept to budget    
Kept to schedule    
Adhered to Contract    
Work site kept clean and organized    
Cleaned up site area at the end of each day    
Communicated with project owner throughout project    
Kept project owner informed of progress    
Offered sound advice, good suggestions    
Was willing to work through problems    
Was easy to talk to    
Was easy to work with    
Managed crew members and any sub-contractors well    
Delivered what was promised    

Contractor Selection Checklist

Once your project requirements have been outlined on paper, you are ready to select a contractor. Select 3 or 4 candidates you feel most comfortable with and request project bids from each:

Name of contractor #1: ________________________________Co: ________________________________

Name of contractor #2: ________________________________Co: ________________________________

Name of contractor #3: ________________________________Co: ________________________________

Name of contractor #4:________________________________ Co: ________________________________

Before the person-to-person interview, provide each candidate with an exact copy of your detailed project requirements in order to compare bids accurately and fairly. Use the handy checklist below to assist you in assessing each contractor and their bid.

  Contractor #1 Contractor #2 Contractor #3 Contractor #4
Visual proof of contractor license?        
Visual proof of insurance / bond?        
Visual proof of Workman’s Comp coverage?         
Did contractor provide customer references?         
Reference list checked out?        
List of trade & supplier references provided?         
Reference list checked out?        
Checked for complaints against the contractor (Dept. Bldg, BBB, etc.)         
Has contractor has done similar projects?        
I have seen other work completed by the contractor, similar to my own         
Does contractor provide design services?        
What range of services does the contractor offer?         
Contractor provided detailed itemized bid w/itemized charges  both for labor and materials, as well as start and finish dates         
Contractor provided list of acceptable substitute materials, if they are required         
Contractor offers warranties on materials and workmanship         
Contractor will be onsite to supervise crew members and any sub-contractors         
Will contractor be working on other projects simultaneously with my own?         
Was the contractor easy to talk to?        
Was the contractor businesslike and professional?         
Comfort level: “I would feel comfortable working with this contractor” (rate using a 1 to 5 scale;  1 being the lowest score)        

Contract Content Checklist

Before signing the agreement for your home renovation project, make sure you read the contract thoroughly. Use this handy checklist to make sure pertinent information is clearly detailed.

Details to Include In Contract Missing Notes
Contractor’s name, address, telephone number       
Homeowners name, address, telephone number       
Address of construction site      
Contractor’s license number      
Contractor’s insurance and bond      
Information on sub-contractual labor, if any      
Detailed description of work      
Who will be responsible for obtaining all necessary building permits       
Itemized materials      
Material specifics – including manufacturer, model, grade or quality       
Substitute materials if necessary; manufacturer, model, grade, etc.      
Costs for materials      
Costs for labor      
Total cost      
Starting and finishing dates      
Agreed upon delays (i.e. adverse  weather conditions, delayed material arrival, etc.)      

Notes: you may have the right to cancel the contract within 3 business days if the contact was signed in your home. Check with a local building inspector or an attorney to find whether this is true in your area.

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