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Patcon Residential Ltd. was incorporated in 1999. Now specializing in Kitchen, Bathroom renovations, finished basements, decks and fences. Working in the GTA we strive to offer quality renovations at a reasonable price. A wide range of cabinet manufacturers, from budget to high end! As well we can install Solid surface (granite&  read more...

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289-385-0534 |Website 1139 Meath Drive , Oshawa ON L1K 0G3

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Main Services Offered

Basement Renovations

A basement renovation is the easiest way to increase the living space of your home. Additional bedrooms or home theater can increase the resale value of your home. Basement need to be dry with a flat floor before any framing can be done.

Kitchen Renovations

Marble is softer and more porous than granite, both can be used on the floor or walls. A sealer be be applied to the grout and the stone after installation, this help to minimize staining for water or other substances.


Ceramic and marbles floors offer a surface which is easy to clean and are more durable than carpet. The floor can be warmed by putting heating cables under the ceramic tile.

Other Services Offered

Closet and Storage

(1) Laminate - the most cost effective, but the least durable because moisture can damage it. especially where the pieces are joined. (2) Granite - very durable natural stone cut from slabs. granite is beautiful but needs sealing because it is porous. (3) Quartz - the best, durable, non porous!

Design Build

Drywall can be simple and cost effective wall material but it can also be done to enhance the design of the home. Fire rated 5/8" drywall is sometimes required by the building code. Dry wall is usually 1/2" thick and comes in 8', 10' sheets. Water resistant drywall is used in the bath room.

Home Additions

Increase the size of your home without moving! Have the exact home you want! A custom addition can be an investment in the future value of your home. Lot coverage is the determining factor on how big the addition can be. Set backs, both front and side of the lot are required by city hall.


Decks offer a great way to turn backyard space into entertain areas. Patios are usually done in some kind of stone, either pavers or natural stone. Excavating occurs first to remove the top soil and a base of clear stone is placed and compacted. then a base of limestone screenings is place down.

Cabinetry and Millwork

Most renovations start with the demolishing of the old and then the skills of a carpenter to rebuild the final project. Carpentry is divided into rough and finish carpentry. Both are highly skilled trades. Rough carpentry work is usually covered up by building materials. Finished carpentry is seen.

Handyman Services

Kitchens are usually the centre of home and entertaining life. The first step is to measure the space and make a computer generated plan for the cabinets. Next pick a cabinet door style and a counter surface. A island in a kitchen should have 36" to 42" clearance on all sides.


Framing or rough carpentry is a sub trade that allows the home to define its final shape. The floor of the house is usually OSB 5/8" with a tongue and groove edge. The sub flooring comes in 4 x 8 sheets and is glued down to prevent squeaks in the floor and to add strength.

Architectural Design

Architectural drawings are needed to apply for permits and to help you visualize your future home. They are also required to obtain bids from sub trades whom will work on your home. Architects can charge for stock plans or charge by the project for a custom plan.


Framing is the skeleton of the home, after the foundation it is the next trade to come to the job site. Roof truss are most often use to frame the roof. The walls are 2x6 and hold the insulation to help keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Bathroom Renovations

Cabinetry for Kitchens and Bathrooms are the easiest ways to visually enhance the functionality and style of your home. Cabinets can be thermofoil, that is MDF shrink wrap in vinyl or sold wood, or a combination of wood stiles and a veneer centre panel.


Window casing and baseboard can increase the visual impact of a home. Trim and finish carpenters first build the door jams and hang the doors. Then the door casing is installed. After that the baseboard is installed. All mitres should be glued.


Fences can add privacy and security to a backyard. Fence post should be dug 4' deep so that it is below the frost line. This makes a very durable robust fence. Chain link is the most cost effective fence and allows for views to be seen.

General Contracting

Before the Home Theater is started the audio and visual equipment should be determined. Sound deadening features can and should be designed into the room. Usually if the system is to have a projector the room should be as dark as possible.

Home Theaters

Interior doors can be hallow or solid. Solid door transmit less noise but are more expensive. Solid wood doors can be paint grade or stained grade. Hinges can be 2 or 3 per door, depending on the weight.


We can design the house of your dreams and then build it for you. First a budget must be arrived at by the home owners. Multiple draws are made to the GC along the way to completion of the home.

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Patcon Residential Ltd. was incorporated in 1999. Now specializing in Kitchen, Bathroom renovations, finished basements, decks and fences. Working in the GTA we strive to offer quality renovations at a reasonable price.

A wide range of cabinet manufacturers, from budget to high end! As well we can install Solid surface (granite, quartz) and Laminated counter tops.

We offer full computer aided design services. Free consultations and quotes.

The first step in any renovation project is measure the space and meet with you!

Call today.

Best of TrustedPros Awards

Best of TrustedPros 2012

Patcon Residential Ltd. was awarded Best of TrustedPros in 2012 for Carpentry in Toronto.

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Main contact(s) Tim Paterson
Listed with TrustedPros since: 2012
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Year established 1999
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24 Hour emergency service No
Legal structure Incorporated
Licensing information Licensing information available upon request
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