Basement flooring

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Posted by: from Red Deer
1/16/2012 at 6:18:33 PM

I have been looking at different types of options for basement flooring and I am curious about the vapor barrier as some indicate that it is required and other are saying that trapping moisture between the barrier and the cement will over time create issues with mould and rot?

I have seen a couple of options that lay directly on the cement but allow air circulation to allow moisture to dry and do not require a barrier and other that do require a barrier before instalation.

I have never had any flooding or wet issues in the basement and what I want to do is replace the carpet with some type of solid surface to reduce allergens. I also want the floor to be warm and not have issues with mould or rot.

What is correct, I am leaning towards to allow the moisture to escape and dry out rather than trapping????

Thanks for the advise.

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Date/Time1/16/2012 at 7:39:57 PM

I have never understood why anybody would put plastic on top of concrete. It does what you said "trap moisture". The only place for plastic is underneath the concrete, before it's poured.

You can save yourself some money by using drainage board for foundation walls on the floor instead of dri-core. If you want a warm basement put 1-2" foam insulation on top of that and than your flooring.


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Brian from Conduite Sauf Inc. in Barrie
Date/Time1/18/2012 at 9:30:23 PM

Avoid plastic 'vapour barriers' in basement floor slabs. Generally, your house's basement floor slab floats on a bed of clear stone sized and graded according to the subgrade native soils and drainage requirements.

Conduite Sauf inc.

Barrie, ON

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Matthew from Matt of All Trades in Kitchener
Date/Time1/22/2012 at 9:01:53 PM

James is correct in the use of the delta wall system to be used under your flooring. Dri-core although easy to use is incredibly expensive.

Lay the the dimpled plastic delta (exterior drainage membrane) on the floor and " TuckTape" any seams.

Rigid insulation can be laid over top if wanted but not required as the air space provides a thermal break from the cold concrete floor.

5/8 OSB tounge and groove sub-floor can be applied over top of plastic (and insulation if required) and screwed down with tapcons every 2 feet. Laminate floor does wonders in the basement with this type of application.

Avoid putting 6mil poly directly on the concrete as it does trap moisture.


Matt of All Trades

Kitchener Ontario

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Michael in Mississauga
Date/Time2/4/2012 at 10:42:23 PM

I was considering the dimpled plastic as well. How do I fix to the floor? If I have uneven spots, will a straight edge aid in isolating them so I do not have to level the entire floor?

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