Bathroom Plumbing Issue

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Posted by: from Etobicoke
8/10/2009 at 9:26:41 PM

I recently had my main bathroom on the second floor completely renovated. It was gutted down to the studs and replace with new. Now everytime i use water i.e take a shower, flush the toilet or wash my hands i can hear a dripping sound. I've tried numerous times to get in touch with the contractor in regards to the problem but i was always told that he will be there to look after it and he never shows up. Does anyone have an idea of what's going on? I don't want it to get worst? Should i get a plumber to look at it? Please advise?

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Jeremy from Laurel Group Inc. in Baden
Date/Time8/11/2009 at 9:02:31 PM

This could be a number of things, I am surprised you hear it from the toilet. Does it sound like water hitting the ceiling? or dripping into water. I would keep an eye out for wet spots. I would be persistent on calling the Contractor back to look into this problem, he should have the decency to at least come back.

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Rachel in Etobicoke
Date/Time8/13/2009 at 10:02:17 PM

I did call him back approx. 10 times and everytime i got him he promised he will be there and never did show up. The sad thing is i found him on this website and he did a great job so i paid him in full the last day on the job. If i did hold 10% construction lien holdback then he would have come out to get his money and take care of the problem. I also gave him a great review but i will be posting a complaint on him profile soon. I can't really say where the water is coming from because if i run water in the sink, or flush the toilet or take a shower i hear the dripping sound in the walls where the pipes are and it is dripping on the ceiling of the ground floor i would guess.

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Jeremy from Laurel Group Inc. in Baden
Date/Time8/15/2009 at 8:20:24 PM

Sorry to hear that, and I am also sorry that another contractor is putting a bad reputation out there for good contractors. I have found in the past, if you pull the plate off for your shower valve you can see if it is leaking there , or up by the shower head. This is usually where allot of leaks happen. It might also be the shower drain as well, which would mean cutting out some drywall on the ceiling below. Although you don't want to, you are going to have to cut out some drywall to find it before it becomes an even bigger nightmare. Sorry for your unfortunate experience, it might be worth the $100.00 to get your lawyer to send a letter, I am sure you received a written contract?

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James in St Catharines
Date/Time8/15/2009 at 10:19:51 PM

Im not a contractor just a home owner but here is a thought, do you actually see any water stains anywhere on the ceiling below? THe reason I ask is because I have the same noise of water dripping after using anything in my upstairs bathroom, what the dripping noise is in my case is water dripping down inside the vent pipe that isnt quite straight, so its no an actual issue but just the dripping sound.

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Rachel in Etobicoke
Date/Time8/26/2009 at 7:53:01 PM

no i don't see a stain on the ceiling. If the plumbing was totally redone shouldn't it be straight. I had a certified document sent to the address found on the contract and on the liability insurance. I guess no one was there to collect it and no one have gone to pick it up at the post office. My next step is legal and reporting them to all the agencies i can find. I will also be posting another comment on their profile to warn others.

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Cory in Abbotsford
Date/Time10/29/2009 at 2:24:44 AM

Is your con-tractors name Russ Birch of MLRS?

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Marco from Markel Tile Limited in Bolton
Date/Time1/7/2010 at 6:53:13 PM

It could be a ticking sound and not a dripping sound. If they used copper piping, some times it could be the expanding and contracting of the copper pipes as hot or cold water moves through the pipes, whenever a fixture is used. Yes the copper pipes do expand and contract with hot and cold

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