Cherry hardwood floors

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Posted by: from Brantford
4/22/2012 at 4:49:33 PM

We are going to get our cherry hardwood floors redone. They are only 5 years ols but scratched from our dog. We will be contacting a few contractors from here shortly.

I have always hated these floors due to every print & piece of dust shows on them. Sure they look beautiful for 5 minutes after you wash them. All it takes is for one of my kids, husband or dog, to walk across them & they look like they haven't been washed in years. I would never get them again!

I need to know, since we are getting them sanded & stained again, could we do a medium stain instead of the dark stain? How would it look?

I know cherry floors are known for being dark, has anyone ever stained them a lighter colour with great results? I'm concerned about how the grain of the wood would look.

If there are any pictures here of cherry wood stained another colour could someone kindly direct me to them?


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Date/Time4/22/2012 at 5:57:24 PM

First, I have never run across a factory applied finish or otherwise that can stand up to scratchs from dogs. No matter how durable they say they are. I have three 80 pounders myself, so if any one knows of a finished I'd love to know myself.

All wood floors can be stained any colour you wish, as long as it is darker than the natural wood itself. Unless you go with a solid stain, like for decks and fences, but you lose the grain of the wood with that option. If you have real cherry floors, rather than a cherry finish stained floor, the wood is not that dark naturally. The natural wood when sanded is mostly a pale red (until it's finished) with an almost white colour for the heart wood from the tree. You can just put on just a clear finish, it will darken the wood slighty from the sun over time. It will never be as dark as the fake "cherry finishes" most floors and kitchens say they have.

The best option to hide the dirt is a satin or flat finish and lighter coloured stains. Semi-gloss, gloss with dark colours, shows every speck of dirt, as you know. Go to a few hardwood stores to see the colours and finishes that you like best. You can also see natural cherry floors with out a stain.Take a sample home with you to show your flooring contractor exactly what you want.

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Conner in Brantford
Date/Time4/23/2012 at 9:24:00 AM

Thanks so much for your advice James.

We are getting these floors done as we are selling our home. The dog will have to be banned from the living room & bedrooms until we move. These are real cherry wood floors unfortunately or we'd rip them out.

You have been a great help.... Thank you

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