How would foundation issue be fixed?

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Posted by: from Cambridge
11/9/2016 at 2:37:42 PM

I'm looking at buying this house and the foundation has some issues on the corners (its an old stone foundation) and it looks as though the corners are cracking off causing the rest of the brick to crack. Wondering what it would roughly cost to fix this and how it would be done?

I wouldn't mind losing space in the basement if it can be done that way as its not full height anyway and on the outside near the corners there is windows and a door from the basement (walkup) in the middle. All of which wouldn't be necessary either.

Any insight would be appreciated.


How would foundation issue be fixed?
How would foundation issue be fixed?
How would foundation issue be fixed?
How would foundation issue be fixed?
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Date/Time11/9/2016 at 4:24:46 PM

This does not look like a foundation issue. Yes, your foundation looks like it has a few cracks in it but your sill line (where your stone meets the brick) looks relatively straight all around. If brick ties are absent or have rusted out behind the brick, your whole brick veneer will fall down . Look up two or three brick Masons through " TrustPros " or BBB or your local Chamber of Commerce. Your probably looking at about a $30K fix.

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Tanner in Cambridge
Date/Time11/9/2016 at 5:23:53 PM


Thanks for the reply, I will have to look up some brick masons in my area to get an opinion on the brick, I havent purchased the house yet and this is pretty much the reason why, the house is over 100 years old and its solid/double brick construction, from my understanding you're thinking the wythes were not tied together properly or metal ties were used and are rusted now so the brick wythes are separating? .. If thats the case do you think helical ties would be an option or no because its structural brick thats shifting?

I was hoping to have an addition put on the back of the house anyway so majority of the brick on the back of the house would be removed/replaced with the new wood construction

Thanks again!

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