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I'm a Period Restoration Specialist, Older homes brought back to the way they were. I'm a wood turner can re-produce, balusters and newel posts and porch posts and columns and other fancy a very detailed woodworking. Re-finish old wood stairs and doors. Ceramics of all types, bathroom and kitchen restoration and renovation. Drywall an  read more...

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613-715-4550 |Website 10090 Shaw Road, Mountain ON K0E 1S0

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Winges Carpentry began operations in 1996 and has received 28 reviews for an overall customer rating of 4.9. The average rating for businesses providing similar services in the Mountain area is 4.9. Write a review

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Main Services Offered


As a Licensed Carpenter over 30 years I've always specialized in fine carpentry, older home restorations. Always very practical & particular with the way jobs progress and finish up. I do all aspects of related carpentry with complete satisfaction.

Bathroom Renovations

I have done a number of Bathroom Renovations. Some just minor alteration, right up to complete Demolition, Design, Painting and Tile work, Glass showers etc. All plumbing and electrical work I have done by Licensed Trades people.

Home Restoration

This is my Specialty ( Visit my Website ) I am a wood turner and can re-produce broken and damaged Balusters, Newel Posts porch posts, columns Etc. Re-produce old moldings and old type of fine Carpentry.

Other Services Offered

Non Slip Treatments

I have applied a few different types of Non slip treatments to steps a ramps. On exterior wood ramps I have installed small horz. boards for better footing, on exterior concrete steps I have often applied " Stone Effects" Treatment & special tapes or metal/rubber nosings for interior steps.

Windows and Doors

I can install most any type of window and door, interior and exterior, always installing the required flashing on top of the exterior doors & windows and finishing walls off nicely. I can make repairs/replacements of damaged window & door sills without having to place the whole window.

Cabinetry and Millwork

Vanities , and smaller alteration I can do myself. I will also remove a old kitchen, but I usually bring in expert Kitchen Cabinet people to install the actual Kitchen. Again I will always do the finer trim work, back splash, ceramic, paint. Electrical & Plumbers are Licensed.

Closet and Storage

We are always looking for more storage and shelves and places to organize our stuff. I have often used IKEA and even altered there cabinets in order to fit peoples closets, and also made very unusual shelves in unique places in order to store customers very unique personal items.

General Contracting

As a Sole Proprietor I have often acted as a General Contractor and had many Trades working for me at once. Working as maintenance supervisor for National Defense before I started my own business I gained much experience as a general contractor on many projects.


The only Masonry type work that I do is. Minor foundation repair, Small concrete sidewalks, repair concrete steps and apply " stone effects " and Installing special real brick veneer ( usually inside applications ) Some minor re-pointing.

Concrete Work

I have repaired many concrete steps with what I consider a excellent Product" Stone Effects" going back at least 10 years. I can pour small concrete sidewalks, footings small slabs, bigger jobs I can bring in people to do large floors and walls.

Trash Removal

I have and don't mind doing big clean ups ( trash removal ). Often I have done this on estates I have taken care of in the past. Cleaned out many garages and basements and often find valued items for the customers they didn't know they had.

Demolition Work

I am always very methodical in my demolition, depending on what's coming down or being ripped out. I always try to re-use and or restore and maintain as much original materials as possible. This is the difference between Renovation and Restoration.


I can build and install many different types of fences and make various repairs as well. Depending on length and or size. I sometimes go to a fencing specialist for some very large jobs because they do this all the time and usually cheaper and faster.


I have done many different types of decks. The least expensive to the most expensive. Obviously the least would require the most maintenance and the most require the less maintenance. Pressure Treated Lumber, Cedar, and various Composites.

Handyman Services

I have been doing work , repairing and fixing in the carpentry related field for about 40 years , I have seen a great deal of challenges. I can be called for just little repair jobs/ hanging pictures right up to small house additions.


I do two types of tiling. One is ceramic tiling both floor and wall ( usually with customers supplied tiles ). The other is resilient vinyl floor tile, many different color, mixed to solid ( checker board applications ).

Shed Construction

I have constructed and assembled many sheds and gazebos, some with screening & with out ,square & angled, sitting on wood sleepers on gravel and sitting on small concrete slabs, fancy and very plain, painted and stained.

Floor Heating

The only in floor heating that I install is under a ceramic tile floor. Usually electric wires or pads with a thermostat on the wall. I have always found that this is the most practical way to install in-floor heating in older homes.


I have installed a few different type of sunrooms, some of which are with in a house ( by adding more windows and different flooring ) and some just added on the back of a house on a existing deck ( reinforced ).


I Install most all types of flooring. Ceramic and or with in floor heating ( As Above ) Hardwood, Resilient Tile. I will do small areas of linoleum and carpet, larger areas I will bring in specialists for this.

Home Additions

I have done a few small home additions. A few have been screened in porches around decks in the back of a house. I have done small entry way additions at the front of a house as well as many canopies to protect doorways.

Foundation Repairs

I do parging repairs on walls and minor cracks , holes and chips out of walls as well. Once damage has been accessed and requires a major repair / excavation etc. I will bring in a foundation repair specialist.

Drafting Service

I do most all drawings for a job myself. Sometimes it's even in conjunction with a Estimate for a project to always give the customer a clear idea on what the finished product / renovation will look like.

Basement Renovations

I have completed a number of different types of basement Renovations and Restorations over the 20 year I have been in business. Built up false floors/ drycore panels, drywall and complicated drop ceilings.


I do some of this gutter work myself, usually repairs , various downspouts , sheds and smaller buildings. Larger jobs I have a specialist come in at a quicker and cheaper cost for the customer.


I take a great deal of pride in my painting finishes. I enjoy priming and painting and all types of trim work, different colors as well as varnishes & urethanes not only interior but exterior as well.

Garage Doors

Garage doors is a highly specialized trade in carpentry. I generally do all the prep. work to make the installers job easier. I usually bring in a specialist for this installation for safety and warranty.

Garage Construction

I have built a few different and various sized garages, All detached, separate from the house, just of floating slabs. Some insulated and some without and double or single garage doors.


As a Licensed Carpenter I have extensive experience in all types of framing. Some I do myself, again depending on the size of the job ,I may bring in a crew to quickly frame certain jobs.


I have done some wallpapering in the past, though not as common as it use to be. This is something I truly take a great deal of pride in doing because it is something that cannot be rushed.


I have installed a lot of siding as well. Mostly on small additions, sheds & various repair jobs. Siding applications for a entire house, usually I would bring in a siding specialist.

Pest Control

I do repairs to prevent pests from entering homes. I have various control methods to get rid of certain animals, and preventive applications I install to stop this from happening again.


I do most any type of roofing on a small scale. Shingles ,metal, fiberglass panels as well as repairs, flashings etc. on larger jobs I will bring in a roofing specialist.


I do mostly all my own taping and plastering after I do drywall ( ready for paint ) I can do some repairs of Old Plaster in Old homes, however this is rare now a days.

Window Treatment

I have installed many types of window treatments, constructed and painted special wooden valances for over windows, hung up various types of blinds, drapes and curtains.


Caulking is a basic Skill all Carpenters must know. Using the correct caulking for the right job is very important. Caulking is used every where in and outside homes and Buildings.


I will build a false wall and hearth and mantle piece for a Gas insert type Fireplace even real brick veneer all around. All other type Fireplaces I leave up to the Mason's.


I have built a number of various ramps and widened doorways for better accessibility to not only rooms but to buildings installed various safety bars and handles in bathrooms.


I do have training in locksmithing and can change most any type of conventional lock, dead bolts, and mortise type locks as well. Can duplicate keys if required.

Central Vacuums

I have put in quite a few central Vacuum systems. Most all houses and even very old homes can accommodate these systems with a few tricks and good ideas.


Arborite, Acylic, Granite, Quartz, Marble, Slate, Concrete. Ceramic you name it, I can put it in for you.

Basement Lowering, Gas Lines

Overview Continued


I'm a Period Restoration Specialist, Older homes brought back to the way they were.

I'm a wood turner can re-produce, balusters and newel posts and porch posts and columns and other fancy a very detailed woodworking. Re-finish old wood stairs and doors. Ceramics of all types, bathroom and kitchen restoration and renovation. Drywall and repair and painting. Siding and decks and screened in porches.

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Best of TrustedPros 2023

Winges Carpentry was awarded Best of TrustedPros in 2023 for Decks in Mountain.

Best of TrustedPros 2017

Winges Carpentry was awarded Best of TrustedPros in 2017 for Painting and Carpentry in Mountain.

Best of TrustedPros 2016

Winges Carpentry was awarded Best of TrustedPros in 2016 for Carpentry in Mountain.

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Main contact(s) Tim Winges
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Year established 1996
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24 Hour emergency service Yes
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