No contract signed, can he put a lien on our house?

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Posted by: from Lethbridge
10/12/2016 at 12:49:49 AM

Hi all,

We hired a contractor to do our bathroom last year. We had a couple quotes and we chose this guy because we were able to look at another bathroom he had completed and the work looked alright. Anyway, I asked for a contract, and he said sure if you need one, but then didn't get around to it (I know, my fault). So he told me it would be $3,000 the bathroom and we bought most of the supplies. I had a $400 tub and he told me to return it and he could get a better quality one for around the same price. So he finished the work and gave me the invoice 4 months later - almost $8,000. I contacted him immediately, asking for a more detailed invoice and stating my concern. No response. We haven't paid him anything. I still think we owe him money, but not $8,000. How can we settle this? Can he put a lien on our house until we pay? Thanks for your help.

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Andrew from AJH in St Albert
Date/Time10/17/2016 at 6:15:37 PM

Take an accounting of everything that was done and any additional materials you think he bought. Compare that with what you thought the initial price was and make him an offer. Keep everything in email or otherwise written. If he accepts your offer then great, write a cheque and both of you sign an invoice/receipt as PAID IN FULL JOB COMPLETE. If he doesn't accept at least you can demonstrate good faith.

He can lien your house but that costs a lot compared to the size of this project. He doesn't have a signed contract or change orders to justify the additional costs and it's been awhile since the project was complete. i don't think you have much to worry about on that front.

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Date/Time12/21/2016 at 5:59:31 PM

Check with a lawyer...he can lean your house but he needs to justify his charges. Take pictures of all the work done, see if you have any old pictures before the renovation was done. Get an itemized list of everything that went into the renovation. Get a costs for materials together and figure a fair price for the labor. Hopefully you and the contractor can come to a compromise. Also keep all communications to email or written so you can show your efforts to resolve this matter.

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