Rough estimate to finish basement

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Posted by: from Calgary
10/29/2015 at 8:03:03 PM

Can anyone give me a rough estimate of how much money I am looking at to finish my basement? The basement is about 450 Sq ft and is fully insulated and as well has the vapour barrier up. There will be a small bathroom with a shower and a small craft room and a small bedroom. The electrical, drywall, and framing are mostly done and the plumbing has been dug up and the pipes have been layed. Everything that has been done is either up to code or better. We have all the supplies needed to complete the job.

What is a rough estimate to have it finished?

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Date/Time10/30/2015 at 10:48:45 AM


One should actually see the basement before estimating. The reason is that there may be more than meets the eye and to provide an estimate would not be in the best interest of either party. It also depends on the quality of work that you want. Not to say contractors doe poor work, but a finishing carpenter can make a job look very nice ... but takes extra time. So, I'd suggest calling some local handymen and/or renovation contracrors and get about three estimates.



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Mike from M Home Reno in Toronto
Date/Time10/30/2015 at 3:57:48 PM

Usually the price range between 25$ to 30 per sqft for basement finishing labor. Now the framing that you have some part we can use and some we have to add wood on top of it and the plumbing is there but needs more digging to separate the line for shower and vent and toilet. You're looking to spend approximately 14000 $ labor to finish this project and that's including framing and drywall, plumber, electrician and tiles, doors, baseboard, laminate and paint. We specialized on finishing basement and I'm telling you from experience.


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Laith (Leo) from The A Team Renovation in Brampton
Date/Time10/30/2015 at 5:35:14 PM

Hi Sir,

I am Leo from The A Team Renovation. I saw your add in the trustedpros. I am sorry I can not give you the estimate unless I see the basement myself because you said: framing, drywall and electrical almost done even the plumbing is start.

Thank you,


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Date/Time10/31/2015 at 2:08:51 AM

As a general contractor it is best to see the 450sqft that needs to be finished. But as a ruagh estimate I would say anywhere between 8 thousand and 11 thousand since your are supplying the materials.


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Date/Time10/31/2015 at 5:45:26 PM

Call contractors over to give written quotes.

How can we give an estimate without seeing it?

Hourly rate until finished? How long is that?

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Date/Time11/1/2015 at 7:27:53 PM

Hi Ashley,

Prices vary right across the country, prices in Calgary are generally lower than Edmonton. Saskatoon where i reside are more in line with Edmonton prices. A typical basement development here is $50.00 a sq/ft. This would include all material and labour for a nice midstream finish. Calculate your material costs to date and deduct from the $22,500.00 based on my square foot price. The amount left is the maximum you should pay for labour. Ask your contractor for references or to save money act as the General Contractor yourself.

Best of luck,

Rick Gilley

Red Dove Developments Ltd.

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