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Basement Building: What to Consider

Finishing or even adding in a basement can be a daunting task. Basements have long had a reputation for being dark, dank, and dingy places more akin to a medieval dungeon straight out of Goosebumps than an essential addition to your home. However, basements can be much more than that, adding a tremendous amount of square footage to your home, increasing its value substantially. Many families use basements as storage areas, laundry rooms, guest bedrooms, man caves, and so much more. So having one in your home can not only allow you to enjoy your home more but also give its next residents a tremendous amount of versatility.

What is Its Function?

One of the biggest questions homeowners ask is, "What can we possibly do with a basement?" The large majority of them were designed simply with storage and utility in mind, as a space for necessary home appliances like the water heater to be stored so they can be out of the way of the proper living space. If you currently have a basement, this is probably how you use yours as well.

But a basement can be used for so much more than as an extra-large closet. One of the more popular ideas for many basement owners is putting a lounge area down there or even a small flat. Many of these basement apartments come equipped with a full bathroom as well as a kitchen and living room, so it's important to handle these types of situations as though you were designing an actual house.

Determine the Layout

Once you know what the basement's function is, it is time to figure out the layout. If you are renovating a basement as a full-scale apartment, it is important to decide how to use the space in the most economical way. The living area needs to be large and spacious with a functional kitchen and bathroom. If you are putting in a separate bedroom, be sure that it's large enough to be comfortable but small enough that it doesn't take over the entire space.

Get Some Help

Hiring a contractor can help you determine precisely what it is you want to do and how to do it. The thing about building a basement is that you can only use certain materials to ensure structural stability both for the basement and ground floors. A legitimate contractor will know precisely what to use to give your basement the structure it requires. Finding a designer will also help you determine what the most effective layout for your basement will be based on what you will use it for.

If you plan on using it just for storage and utilities, a basic layout will work best for you in order to maintain functionality. However, if you are doing more with a basement than just storage, you will definitely need to figure out wall layout, the number of rooms, position of outlets, and any ground-level windows you will want to put in. The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild, and have fun!

Today's basements are viewed by homeowners as an added bonus that offers valuable living-space opportunities. Whether an extra bedroom, media, family, game or playroom, home bar, place to entertain, or all of the above, a basement's wide-open layout offers nearly unlimited options while increasing the inhabitable square footage of virtually any home. In addition to the physical benefits of utilizing dormant living space available in the basement, the allure and real estate value of your home is boosted. Let the design ideas in this Basement Renovation Photo Gallery inspire your creative genius; whether trendy and modern, fun and sassy, quaint and homey, or simple and basic. The right basement renovation can enhance your home's market worth, as well as your family's quality of life!

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