What can I use to raise the toilet, or is there any other solution for wobbling toilet?

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Posted by: from Toronto
12/27/2018 at 5:52:42 PM

Hello, Pros,

I installed the floor tiles in a way that flange sits on tiles, which means it's a quarter inch above the floor. Now I am installing the toilet and it wobbles. I noticed that the bottom hole that goes on the flange levels with the rest of the body of the toilet. I mean if you put the toilet on the floor the hole part will touch the floor. This makes the toilet wobbling. I see two options, get a new toilet or raise the toilet by 3-4 mm by putting something under the seat. What can I use to raise the toilet, or is there any other solution? Please see the pictures of the flange and the bottom part of the toilet.

Thank you

What can I use to raise the toilet, or is there any other solution for wobbling toilet?
What can I use to raise the toilet, or is there any other solution for wobbling toilet?
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Date/Time12/27/2018 at 11:21:21 PM


Installing the flange above the tile should not make a difference.. the bottom of the toilet has enough space even if the flange is up.


Use a thinner wax ring and make sure the bolts ar nice and tight.

Good luck

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Date/Time12/28/2018 at 7:33:14 AM

Hi syed best option would be to use some plastic shims to shim the toilet, dont raise the flange as it may leak over time. Best to use rubber gaskets instead of wax. Hope this helps.

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Date/Time12/28/2018 at 8:44:01 AM


That hole extension from the toilet is normal. It is made to help the toilet sit inside the flange and to provide a better seal. It s about a extension and some toilets may or may not have it. Some toilets that I have installed, when I rest flat on the floor tip off to one side because of that extension piece. I believe you are not getting the toilet on the flange properly and that s what s causing your toilet to wobble. Next time you install it, after you sit on it to compress the wax ring and it s wobbling, try and move it around slightly to get it sit on the flange.

Also, are you using an extended wax ring or are doubling up your wax ring? It looks like a lot of excess wax under the toilet and on the flange. That could cause the toilet not to sit flush to the floor. Try a single wax ring made for standard installation. Looks you installed the flange right and the height is correct. I agree with Niv about the thinner wax ring, but be cautious if over tightening the bolts. That could crack the toilet.

Hope this helps.


Steve Edan

Edan Home Repair and Contracting

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