Window Installation Concerns

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Posted by: from Calgary
9/7/2011 at 11:31:57 PM

I purchased three new windows from one of the large home improvement stores and had them arrange the install. The contractor who came out to do the work did not seem to really know what he was doing and the work looks shoddy to me but I'm getting push back from the store. Since I'm not a professional, I don't really know if the install is "fine" functionally and just looks amateurish or if it was done poorly and I should insist on a redo. Some of the things that bothered me:

1. The windows were not ordered with brickmould (mistake on the part of the store). The installer said he could make it work rather than have them order proper windows. The installer cut out the old window and left part of the original brickmould. He put the window in and the window edge and the old brickmould were flush, no overlaps anywhere. At one point I looked from the outside and there was a 1/4" space between the window and brickmould and I could see inside the wall to the spray foam insulation. He filled these gaps around the window with silicone.

2. When I complained to the store that I didn't think that this was a satisfactory way to seal them, they sent him out to make vinyl brickmoulds. These are essentially four pieces of vinyl overlapped together like a frame. They are held to the exterior wall and window by silicone and the corner edges do not fit together, are not siliconed, and are unsealed. I'm concerned that water and air are going to get in over time as the silicone weathers and cracks.

My question is am I being paranoid? Is silicone a sufficient sealant that I should trust or am I looking at major problems a few years from now. Should I hire someone to come and give me a second opinion? Here in Calgary winters drop to -40 and I've heard that if not properly sealed and insulated, I will get moisture build up and ice in my walls.

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Pavel from Lutcor Homes Inc in Kelowna
Date/Time9/8/2011 at 12:42:27 AM


You are 100% right to be concerned with the kind of install you received from the "big box store". Just the fact that the installer used silicone to fill in a gap of 1/4" is already a huge cause for concern. With the type of weather fluctuations you get in Calgary the window should fit properly without the aid of silicone. Silicone might last a while but a properly installed window will last much longer. Get after them and tell them to build a proper brickmould around the window.

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Date/Time9/26/2011 at 12:55:39 AM

Tell the big box store to order the proper windows and have a certified window installer install them. Sounds pretty mickey mouse to me. Why fix a new window...order the correct windows and do it right the first(second)time.

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Date/Time11/14/2011 at 11:49:24 AM

Hi Judy !

When you install windows there are two types on ifstalletion one is called brick to brick and the other is called frame to frame or retrofit.

in brick to brick all old frame gets removed and the new windows comes with new brick mould or if the size is not reguler too big or too samall (brick mould from vinyl is 1" or 2" ) then you make on the spot aluminum brick mould.

at frame to frame you remove all the "guts" and leave the base frame in then fit in it the new window and cap outside with aluminum capping.

As far as fam it should be done with in the space between the new window and the old frame or the stud in brick to brick.

for more details about the right way to install go on the net to energy star canada and see the new recomendations for windows and doors.

Thanks '

Harry C.

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