Cost to center a drain for a kerdi kit?

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Posted by: from Aurora
3/29/2015 at 5:40:44 PM


I am wishing to install a 48 inch shower base kit from schluter. My base will actually be about 42x42 inches, but my drain is currently off center. If I have my subfloor exposed, is it a big job to move the drain a few inches to center it? How much would a plumber charge for a job like this?


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Mark from CMJ Renovations in Oakville
Date/Time3/29/2015 at 6:32:54 PM

Moving the drain isn't a big deal, it is a matter of cutting the abs and putting a coupler extension and putting in a new p trap. If you are able to install the schluter shower system this should be fairly easy for you. If you do call a plumber there will be more than likely a $200 min charge.

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Jeff from JTL Construction in Winnipeg
Date/Time3/29/2015 at 7:08:59 PM

Yes plumbing companies will usually have a minimum charge to come out and usually book in 3 hour blocks at @$85/hr so $255 plus materials. Well worth the headache of wondering if you have done it rite. Nothing like a good leak after putting down a Schluter pan and tile work and not wanting to cough up the $250-300 to have it done rite and guaranteed by a pro.

Cost to center a drain for a kerdi kit?
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Date/Time3/29/2015 at 7:12:51 PM

I would have to agree Mark from CMJ Renovations, that it would be cost effective to do it yourself. However for peace of mind, and to ensure it's done correctly, you can't go wrong hiring a qualified plumber.

Just moving the drain, maybe a fitting or two, and a new trap, should be in the $160.00 to $200.00, if you plan on taking on the subfloor and Kerdi yourself, afterwards.

I know we would be no more than 2hrs ($140) plus fittings/glue ($20-$30).

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Date/Time3/29/2015 at 11:51:51 PM

I'm not understanding why such a big cost to do a simple job(??). Parts at the very most would be less than $20 (that's with mark-up). Labor for an hour is $68 (even though this would take all of 20mins. Any longer and you need help!!).

All said no more than $100 worst case.

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