Imperfections on Custom Cabinets

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Posted by: from Calgary
9/4/2012 at 12:25:52 PM


We just got our custom kitchen cabinets installed a few weeks ago. I noticed that the installers had made several dents, cracks and scratches on the inside of our cabinets & to the outside area - where the microwave is at. To cover the large sized dents and cracks, they used these stickers (approx 2-3 cm) to cover up those marks. There is probably about 20-30 of these stickers covering all the insides/ outsides (outside ones are darker shades) of the cabinets.

Also for the microwave area, at the back they had cut the wrong sized hole for the wall plug... so they just re-cut another hole right beside.. but did not cover up the incorrectly cut hole.

Is this the standard usually for custom kitchen cabinets? The sales rep said that this is the normal standard for installers to cover any imperfections (by using the stickers)... he hasn't said anything about the microwave area yet.

Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you.

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Date/Time9/5/2012 at 2:17:06 PM

To answere correctly i would like to know more details about the company and their installer. If the company is reputed and if you have PAID for custom kitchen then it should not be the case. This is not an Seasoned Professional Installer's Job.

The microwave cabinet hole can be easily fixed by ordering another backing for the wrong hole and can be corrected. Based on the fact that you have provided the Installer has screwed up and the sales person or the company should stand behind the finished product. To me the installer was an helper in trainning and he needs to learn a lot.

Try and work with the sales person or the company's owner if they are reputed and care for customers hard earned money they will correct it, and should correct it.

If your problem is not resolved then you sould let other customers know about this compnay and sales person and installers ( with name) , write a review and expose them, at least other customers will be saved, and this company will learn a lesson for future, that a bad job can loose business and they will feel sorry and correct then after.

Hope this helps.

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Date/Time9/16/2012 at 8:47:54 PM

Sadly you have had shoddy workmanship and service...if we make a mistake and lightly damage a clients cabinet during install, we will try and fix it to the standard that client will not even notice, if they can we replace the item @ our cost...every reputable contractor will also have this in writing in their contract.

If your contractor will not replace or properly repair what is evidently a horrible job, I hope you have not paid them! not pay them and take lots of pictures etc. and then fight it in court when they try to sue you " you will win"...if you have paid them then you are likely now out of luck.


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Date/Time11/13/2012 at 6:41:46 PM

Hi Joanne,

Dont let that cabinet guy feed you that line, it isn,t fair to you that they didnt take the proper care in transit or install to assure your finish was perfect. I imagine you paid a premium dollar for custom cabinets.

Yes it is correct that they will cover up screws holes required to secure the cabinets to the wall with matching stick ons, for the interior of the cabinets, however the exterior of the cabinets should not have those stick ons unless there were mistakes made, and if they scratched the outer surfaces they should refinish them to your satisfaction.

Hope you have a hold back, let them know your concerns, and if you used a reputable company they will fix them. If they cut the hole for the microwave in the wrong place, make them replace that panel, and have your outlet cut in the proper place.

P.S. dont be a pushover, it is nit the norm.

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Trevor from Arbutus Contracting in Mission
Date/Time12/18/2012 at 8:01:18 PM

I agree with all of the above post.

Covering screw heads inside the cabinets with "fast caps" (sticker) is a common practice. Covering other damage done to the inside of the cabinet ???? What other damage?

As for using these stickers on the outside of the cabinet. Absolutely not. A good installer can cover up small scratches and dings so that you won't see them. If it's noticeable from the outside, I would ask for it to be replaced. Same with the backer for the microwave.

Good luck.

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