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Cabinetry Design Tips

After the stove, refrigerator, and possibly the pantry, the cabinetry is possibly the most important aspect of the aesthetic of a kitchen. They increase the storage space for all sorts of items and goods you need for a pleasant cooking experience and are, quite possibly, the most commonly changed piece in a kitchen year after year. For cabinets define the aesthetic beauty of a kitchen as well and give it the touch of refinement you want.

Size and Location

When you are thinking of putting in new cabinets you need to first consider the size of both your kitchen and the cabinets as a whole. Hiring a contractor can help you figure out the best way to use the space available to you, but each kitchen needs cabinets of different sizes in order to house different types of wares. Small cabinets are best for spice racks or even commonly-used drugs like ibuprofen and antacid. Medium-sized cabinets are ideal for plates and glasses. Large cabinets are designed specifically for cookware such as pots and pans, crock pots, and Tupperware. And of course, you must not forget drawers for silverware and other items you might use regular basis.

Location is important as well for defining what is stored. Cabinets located above your head will be best for ceremonial plates and wine glasses, which might not see as much regular use. Cabinets located at eye level are ideal for plates, glasses, and bowls used every day as well as spices and prescription cabinets. Large cabinets should be at ground level so you can easily access your cookware.


But the most important question you need to ask is: What kind of material should I use? Whether you are putting in new cabinets or simply upgrading your current set, there are many types of wood you can use to define the look of your kitchen.

Red Oak. The most popular material is possibly red oak. This is for a number of reasons. Not only is red oak inexpensive, it is strong and durable, making it a popular choice for many contractors. Red oak is also quite versatile as many finishes can be used to give it a wide variety of colors.

White Oak. White oak is another possibility if you are upgrading your cabinets. White oak is known for being just as durable as its red counterpart while also being a bit stronger. White oak also has a more subtle grain to it, making it a popular choice for custom cabinetry.

Hickory. A popular option for kitchens going for an older, more rustic, look is hickory. Hickory is lighter than either oak or maple yet it has a comparable grain pattern to the former. It is also just as strong as oak.

Cherry. Cherry is another great option if you want something a bit more elegant and formal. Cherry wood is famed for being the strongest and most durable wood out there. It is also smoother than the oaks. But what really distinguishes cherry cabinets is the fact that it darkens with age, giving it personality.

Cabinets are not just a place to store household and personal items. Making the right choice in cabinets for your home might be one of the most important design decisions you'll make. Today's cabinetry is intended to be as visually appealing and room enhancing as they are functional. Modern-day kitchen and bathroom cabinets, for instance, and other millwork components, can help define your sense of style and set the aesthetic tone for the entire room. And, the selection has never been more extensive, beautiful, or affordable: 'biggest bang for your buck' ready-to-assemble cabinets, stock cabinets, custom-made cabinetry, with nearly unlimited dimension, style, material, and finish options, or a combination of all three for enhanced flexibility in meeting your budget and design needs.

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